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Wine Wednesday!

2012-12-02 09.29.03Alright, so this isn’t exactly wine – however, it’s a drink I wanted to boast about to honor Wine Wednesday. Do you like ciders? Fox Barrel has become one of my favorite ciders – not a whole lot beats it on draft on a hot summer day, especially with good friends at the Stagecoach 🙂

Well, this weekend Mike and I decided we were going to try something that we had never had before. So Fox Barrel Pomegranate Pear Cider was selected! IT IS DELICIOUSI highly recommend you try it out! 

Plus, it came in a box – which is phenomenal in itself.  It holds the equivalent f 4 bottles of wine. Even more phenomenal.

Hope you enjoy your Wine Wednesday with a glass of your favorite whatever! 



Whiskey Wednesday?

Well, I didn’t celebrate Wine Wednesday like I should have – but with beginning to get a painful chest and a tight throat, I did what I know best….. take some zinc and drink whiskey (mixed with orange juice).

So, hope you had a HAPPY WINE WEDNESDAY…. here’s to a strong push through the end of the week!


It’s November already?

I honestly can’t believe that it’s November already – October flew by and I’m sure it’s going to keep going quickly as school progresses and as the wedding date gets closer…eekkk!!! 🙂

I wanted to do a little recap on my exercise routines n such throughout the month, as I did similarly for September. This was a really interesting month for me.  I felt like I was losing my motivation and not able to really push through a lot of things.  The weather switched for warm to cold, quickly which made me really not want to get my run on outside.

I am going to make a new page for my November goals in order to make them more clear and out there. I think I have done pretty well throughout October, but I know I can do better and most importantly, I know I need to do better. But I’m still doing it, I’m still making an effort and making it a constant thought. I need to make myself better.

Here were the goals (and my comments) I set for myself for October….

Goals for October:

  • Attend 1 exercise class per week – Definitely did not do, but did more of and I love them! 
  • Follow a training plan – I have been aimlessly running…. – Yes! Have been rocking Hal Higdon 10k training program
  • Decrease my mileage time to 10 minutes, will take a TON of work – CRUSHED! PR’ed under 10 minutes, not too consistent though
  • Work on my mental strength and endurance. This is by far my biggest weakness.  I don’t know if this is a goal that is obtained easily in a month?
  • Make an executive decision about gym membership (we have 2 opening late October within walking distance) Will be done. For sure. Can’t handle the weather outside – and no, they haven’t opened up yet. 
  • Focus more on decreasing my shin splints Ha, again, this is never ending
  • Lose 5 pounds Lost 4 – and struggled greatly to do so. It’s better than nothing. 
  • No drinking during the week, only weekends. Well, except for Wine Wednesday!!!! Totally forgot I made this pledge – therefore, definitely did not do so!!! haha 

Overall I exercised 21/31 days = 68%

So, seems like I did pretty well, check out my November Goals page to see what I have planned for the month. Thanks for all the thoughts and words of encouragement! xo

Recap of Halloween Wine Wednesday

Happy November!

I just wanted to write a quick little blurb about my WINE WEDNESDAY!

Halloween time is the best for wine because the spiced red wines that are out there are PHENOMENAL!

We had a tough time picking between these two little gems – both are Michigan Wines and are delicious.  The wine on the left, Night of the Living Red, is from Sandhill Crane Vineyards – this ADORABLE little place in southcentral Michigan that Mike and I fell in love with really quickly. We looked to having our wedding there, but couldn’t accommodate as many guests as we are looking at. We got this wine last fall (hence the disgusting dust all over the bottle).

The wine on the right, Witches Brew, is from Leelanau Cellars, way up in Northern Michigan. I’ve never been, but I buy their wine frequently so I’m guessing it’s a good thing I haven’t been for a tasting, I’d probably need to be carried out. This wine can be bought at most major chain stores – I don’t know how far out it extends, but we can purchase it in Indiana!

We opted on the Night of the Living Red – as we felt it was most fitting for Halloween Wine Wednesday. We put it into mugs and warmed it for a bit in the microwave, snuggled up on the couch and watched Halloween South Park. Ahhh I’m such a trooper sometimes 🙂

I hope you all had a fantastic, safe (and warm!!!) Halloween! Here’s a picture of my little nugget and her Halloween costume that she loved OH SO MUCH! 😉

Here’s to a healthy, happy, fun, productive November!

Get thinking about your turkey trot race! 🙂

Pour me some moscatoooooo…. Wine Wednesday!

Well, technically it’s Thursday….but let’s talk about WINE!

But, I was able to celebrate Wine Wednesday yesterday in true fashion – I had no class, got home from work at a normal time, cooked myself a little dinner, and let the wine flow.

Mike was working late, so I cooked dinner just for me, a weird feeling! He doesn’t like fish all that much, so I baked some tilapia and it was fantastic. I dipped it in egg then switched over to a breading mixture (bread crumbs, parmesean cheese, onion salt, cumin, parsley). Then baked at 375 for 15 minutes. I also baked a potato (with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream) in the microwave and added some cottage cheese – random, I know, but sounded phenomenal!

I worked on some wedding stuff (I know I need to update that page!!!), watching the Tigers not do well, and cuddled up with my pup. Oh yes, and enjoyed some Moscato!

Moscato is a wine that I got introduced to in grad school from my friend, Danielle. We used to drink this frequently and it led to a lot of good times and a lot of great friendships.  The drinking of moscato led to a lot more great times with great people. I’ve chilled in the apartment in Virginia, New Hampshire, and in Albion with good people, drinking moscato and enjoying life.  This wine brings me back to those days.

It’s a sweet, delicious light wine that doesn’t overwhelm you with the sweetness. If you haven’t had moscato, try it out. If you’re a red wino, it probably won’t be the best for you.  If you’re a white wino, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you like pino grigio – not the dry wines.






((I need to learn how to take better pictures…))

Wine Wednesday

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Today, I want to boast about Raven’s Wood Petite Sirah.

As my future mother-in-law would say, “tongue sucking good”!!!

I am usually a white wine fan and I love sweet wines. Lately, I have been drinking more red wines and I am finding a new love for them…Which means more for me to try and more wine to drink! I don’t know how we stumbled on this wine, but I was more than happy to buy it again!

Hope you enjoy this Wine Wednesday with a favorite glass of your wine! Cheers!

Wine Wednesday!!

Okay, I have to admit it.  I don’t want to consistently boast about my cheap wine indulgence. So, this Wine Wednesday has been enjoyed with cheap wine, but I want to show that I actually LOVE good wine.

And of course I had wine over the weekend that fits PERFECTLY. 🙂

Saturday night, we cooked up a delicious dinner of filet mignon (with mushrooms and onions cooked in white wine!), baked potato, broccoli, and rolls. PHENOMENAL.

We paired this scrumptious meal with Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvingnon.

If I haven’t relayed this enough, I am a big follower of the Dave Matthews Band, and the lead singer, Dave Matthews, is an avid wine lover.  He owns Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA and became a part owner for this wine (with Steve Reeder) – which was released last year. Dreaming Tree wine is sold in the “classics” – Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Crush (a red blend).

I’d like to think that I am being as impartial as possible (I love Blenheim wines too and just about any other wine) – but these wines have so much flavor, it’s amazing and makes for a delicious and affordable treat.

So let yourself indulge and seek out a bottle of Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvingnon (or Chardonnay, or Crush)… You won’t be let down.

Additionally – if you’d like to spice things up a bit, select one of the following to listen to the Dave Matthews Band sing “The Dreaming Tree” and “Crush“. Two of my favorite songs with such deep meaning.


You got it…. yesterday was the very first WINE WEDNESDAY!

Kim at shewinessometimes started a new trend for all of us wine lovers. Check out her website or click the button for more information!

She started this in an effort so share a glass of wine together and she is going to discuss the robustness of the wine and her palate.

I’m not that classy.

I celebrated this WINE WEDNESDAY with a glass of delicious yellow tail pino grigio. YUM. (it was a long day of work and class!)

As I said, I’m not that classy. and please don’t judge how empty the big bottle is. Or do, that’s okay too.

How did you celebrate your Wine Wednesday?