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A day for reflection

As the daughter and granddaughter of Veterans, I am very proud to recognize and honor this day.

My dad was a Marine – he left college his junior year to enlist in the United States Marine Corps as the Vietnam War was underway.  He served in the Marines and took after his dad, my Grandad, who was a career Marine, a pilot.  My Uncle Paul served in the Air Force, my cousin Allen served in the Marines.  My mom’s dad served in the Army and fought hard for this country.  I am so blessed to have known so many amazing Veterans.

I often think about the challenges that I have in my daily life – studying, fitting in one more paper, what I’ll cook for dinner, how frustrating it is to let the dogs out 1000 times a day… My daily challenges are nothing compared to the daily challenges of our active military men and women.  These people are fighting so that we can take for granted (ok, not everyone does) the freedom that we have in this country.

I found this website circulating around today on Facebook and I couldn’t avoid posting it.  I cried, smiled, and cried some more.  Take some time to enjoy, reflect, and say a prayer for all of the active, retired, and deceased members of our military.

The Real Veteran’s Day

Thank you to all who serve.


My dad and uncle outside of their home on base. (1949?)

My Dad - Marine Veteran

My dad – Semper Fidelis