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Wine Wednesday!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Wine Wednesday!!

It definitely doesn’t mean that I haven’t been celebrating HUMP DAY with wine, just means I ain’t been blogging.

So, I’m cheating a little bit.  We had this wine with our celebratory dessert the other night, but it was just too good to not boast about today.

Jefferson Vineyards 2009 Johannisberg Riesling

2013-07-28 20.00.53

2013-07-28 20.06.59

Jefferson Vineyard is located in Charlottesville, Virginia – such a magical place.  The cool thing about this wine is that I bought it on our 4th date….when we made a trip to Charlottesville.  We went to a bunch of wineries while we were there…got a little buzz and I fell in love with this wine.  I went to check out and realized that it was this tiny bottle and it cost $22.  The buzz was phenom, so I bought it anyways. And haven’t dared to break it out.  Until we celebrated one month of marriage.

This was is phenomenal….according to my mother-in-law it’s “tongue sucking good wine”.  It is sweet, but not too sweet.  A perfect dessert wine to pair up with a sweeter dessert, like this cobbler I made.

I wish I had more.  I guess we’ll just have to make a trip back to Virginia. 🙂