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Celebrating my dad

On Wednesday I posted a little tribute about my dad…I was a little busy yesterday to post this, but on Wednesday I was able to take a little lunch break and headed over to target for lunch.

I capped off my lunch with a bag of popcorn – and thought of my dad with every bite.

Dad would always,¬†and I mean always, get popcorn whenever we went to a store that sold it. Mostly just Target, but sometimes Lowes and Home Depot. ¬†He¬†loved¬†getting popcorn and would eat it by¬†giant¬†handfuls. ¬†Get at me some time, I’ll demonstrate ūüôā

The craziest thing was that I wanted to get the popcorn as my meal but knew it wouldn’t fill me up for my 9 hour day… so it ended up being a complete afterthought of: “I never carry cash, if I have enough change, I’ll buy it…”

Boom. Exact change of $1.38. It was meant to be.

2013-06-12 16.47.49

Here’s to you daddy ūüôā

((And yes, I also had a Bud Light in his honor on Wednesday))

My father was a mountain of a man.

I struggled that last year was 10 years. I can’t believe this year is 11.

It’s been 11 years since my dad lost his life. He was 54, I was 15.

11 years ago my world was shattered.  11 years later, I say that my world was rocked but it has continued on.  The pain is still deep, the want is still there, and I miss him as much today as I did 11 years ago. But, my family is proof that life does move on.

We have had our ups and our downs, and I know we will continue to do so.¬†That’s life – with or without loss.¬†


My dad was the most amazing man. ¬†He was a hard worker, a great role model, and provided an amazing life for my family. ¬†He had almond shaped eyes that disappeared when he laughed or smiled – he had a distinct laugh that often brought tears to his eyes. ¬†He smiled with pride, definitely had a “don’t piss me off” face (especially in the car when we were little), and had an overall love and appreciation for life. ¬†He was a questionable dresser (I wish I had a picture of the short shorts, the acid washed jeans, and the iridescent shirt…), wore Velcro shoes at the cabin, and his hands were always dirty (yet clean somehow) which showed how hard he worked.

My dad was a family man. He loved my brothers and I and would do anything for his “bubs” and his “doll”. He and my mom were so in love and together they provided the most incredible example of what a marriage should be like. ¬†I bet he would be so proud of our family today.¬†We have struggled together, held together, and grown together. ¬†We have gone from a family of 5 to a broken family of 4. ¬†Today, we are a family of 6 – soon to be a family of 8. ¬†If he were here on this Earth, I can only imagine how his eyes would sparkle at the site of his granddaughter, Mackenzie. ¬†And how he would love and treat our (soon-to-be) spouses as one of his own. ¬†It’s so weird to think that my sister-in-law, my soon-to-be husband, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law have never met him… but I believe we have been able to portray who he was through our stories, our pictures, and ourselves.

2013-04-14 17.23.10

I wish he was around to be able to walk me down the aisle in 17 days… but I know he’s will me. Always.¬† I am very proud that my mom will walk me down the aisle – she is an incredible woman.¬†

Ever wonder where I got the name for this blog?¬†Life is short, but it is sweet. ¬†Words from the Dave Matthews Band – words that I live by. ¬†My dad left this world 11 years ago, his life was cut too short. ¬†But the reality is that this life is sweet and we need to live it with all we’ve got.

Life is short, but sweet for certain. 

Rest in Peace Don Sims

1/3/48 – 6/12/02

Looking forward to getting to see you once again. xoxo

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Well, the world is supposed to end today, right?

This weeks fake Wine Wednesday birthday celebration

This week’s fake Wine Wednesday birthday celebration

I didn’t have wine on Wednesday(insert shock!!!)…. instead, I’m celebrating Thirsty Thursday! I celebrated this Thirsty Thursday with a tall Bud Light.

I don’t typically order a Bud Light, it’s not necessarily my cup of tea. But, I honor my dad with his favorite beer on days I’m thinking of him or on days when I want to celebrate his life.

Today would have been my dad’s 65th birthday.


I can’t believe he would be SO OLD!!! Haha I remember this feeling 5 years ago when he would have turned 60, but dang! 65! I love to imagine what he would have been like as a 65 year old man – I imagine not much different than when he passed away at 54…. Still a little prankster, with almond squinty eyes that cried when he laughed hard, still putting his orange peels into his coffee cup while driving to work, singing Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” and Bob Segar’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” at the top of his lungs, rolling Mr. B’s cigars around in his mouth, and one finger typing on the computer (can’t even imagine texting!!)

Life is so short. I lost my dad when he was 54 years young …he had so much life to live as do my mom, brothers and I. It saddens me to think about how much he has missed in the time that he has not been on this Earth and all that he will miss in the future. Yet, I am confident he has been watching over all of us and I know that I will see him again someday.

Celebrate we will – life is short but sweet for certain.

2013-01-02 20.53.18

Happy Birthday, Daddy – this one’s for you. Hope you’re having one heck of a good time up there. xoxo

Well, the world is supposed to end today, right?

If you’re reading this… CONGRATULATIONS! You survived!!!

According to the Mayans, our world was supposed to end (or transform) today. ¬†Scientifically, it has been proven incorrect. However, wouldn’t it suck if that’s the case? ¬†I still have so much to do in my lifetime!!!

In honor of us surviving the end of the world, I thought I would take the time to give some recognition for the things in my life that I believe I would truly miss if the world ended.

Of course, I’ll begin with my loving fiance. ¬†We have grown from friends to best friends. He has been my rock, my sounding board, my paper editor (ha), and always continues to have my back and my best interest in mind.

My mom – who is the strongest person I knows, always continues to amaze me every day. My brother and his beautiful preggo wife…. can’t wait for that little nugget to be done cooking!!! To my brother Brian and his girlfriend Lauren – they both teach me about¬†perseverance and strength! To my soon-to-be family~ I can’t wait to officially be a part of the clan!!

Since moving to Indiana, I have struggled with not being able to “find” friends. ¬†Since graduating from high school, I’ve always been in situations where I’ve been “forced” to have friends. College, grad school, the jobs I’ve held… I’ve always found myself surrounded by great people who have developed into my friends. ¬†So while I struggle with not having close friends around me here, I am so incredibly blessed to have close friends, best friends. ¬†My friends are all over the country, heck, the world (thank you Erica in Italy haha) and I know that I could turn to every one of them at any given time and they would be there for me. ¬†I would truly miss them if the world ended – but heck, we’d be in heaven (or hell) together… so I guess the party would keep rolling!!!

Additionally, if the world were to truly end, here’s a list of all the things I am fortunate to have now but I would miss in the next life:

Looking up at the stars, Pumpkin spice anything, peppermint mocha coffee creamer, gummy bears, my iPhone, summer nights on beaches, sweatpants, enjoying the view on a mountain hike, burning candles, shopping, road trips to anywhere, music (the Dave Matthews Band), listening to the ocean, hydrangeas, Nicholas Sparks books, academia, the color orange, Nerds Ropes, big ugly sunglasses that don’t fit my face, Euchre, Facebook, the feeling after applying lip balm, the glow of a Christmas tree, Swedish Fish, the feeling of a good sweat, a delicious glass of red/white/pink wine, Real Housewives of anywhere, Parenthood, nailpolish, and of course cheese and crackers. ¬†

Now, of course, ¬†I don’t know if the world beyond this one has any of the aforementioned, but I sure would be sad if it didn’t!!

However, if the world did end, I hope I’d be able to be able to catch up with my dad, my grandparents, and all the others that have gone before. ¬†I guess that would be worth it! xoxo

Again, glad we survived the end of the world.

Take time to love those around you. Appreciate the little things. 


I began this post in order to express my excitement for the new DMB cd (I am sure this will come later) and discuss my workout for the day (insignificant). But my fingers just started typing as I thought about the importance and significance of this day.

It’s amazing to think that 11 years has passed since the infamous day of September 11, 2001. Like many, I can recall exactly where I was (Science class, 10th grade) and what happened for the duration of the day and week.¬† Just last night, Mike and I were driving back from his class and we were discussing when the media is going to “Drop” covering 9/11 – like when did it happen with Pearl Harbor, when JFK was shot, the Oklahoma City Bombing…. (I realize all of the media outlets were different at these various times) I was intrigued this morning when I turned on the Today show and did not find much media coverage of the events. Still, I have my own personal reflections.

Reflection back on this day makes me think that America isn’t perfect – I feel like so many have had this infallible feeling about our defense system and a sense of superiority to the rest of the world. We were out-smarted, some individuals called our bluff – and it resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. Unfortunately, in order to protect our country, our beliefs (whatever they might be in the midst of an election year), and our rights (again, election year) the loss of life is inevitable.¬† However, we must never, ever forget the sacrifice made from any individual entering into the military. Everyone enters for their own personal reasons but do so to serve our country. What heroes.

As selfish as it is, when this time of year rolls around, it reminds me of the amount of time I have gone without my dad. My dad suddenly died June 12, 2002 in an accident at work and each 9/11 following 2002 it reminds me that it’s close to just one more year without him. It saddens me greatly, especially because I can’t remember his reaction on this frightful day. My dad was raised by a career Marine and was a Marine himself in Vietnam. He was incredibly proud of this nation and made it well-known. Yet, I can’t remember his reactions. If only I had known, I would have put aside the “I’m 15 and don’t care what you have to say” attitude and listened more. I do know that we have a picture of him and my mom the following Saturday at a high school football game and he was wearing one of his favorite white shirts that said, “You messing with me” on the front, and “You’re messing with the whole family” on the back. Interesting that we bought it for him because he was so family oriented and he ended up using it as a political statement.

As I approach this day and June 12, I am reminded that:

  • Time and life continue moving forward
  • Celebrations of life fade
  • “Moving on” does get easier
  • Your mind and your heart will not forget

I am a firm believer that a death is a loss, but it should be a celebration of life. I feel that concentrating on the negative aspect of loss diminishes the LIFE a person has lived. This mode of thinking has developed over the last 10.5 years, and I couldn’t thank God more for this sense of understanding and sense of peace. I wish this feeling to all of have lost someone close – whether it be 20 years ago, last week, or on 9/11/01.

May we always be reminded that “life is short, but sweet for certain.” DMB