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Time Travel


Check out this little fuzz ball…

2013-01-08 16.19.38

Check out this fuzzy monster now…

2013-10-07 10.20.56

A little less than a year later and she’s still trying to fit into her toy bowl.

Have a great day! Try to do something you think you can’t do! 😉 


Sunday workout

I got up this morning thinking, “man, I really need to get my workout in”.

Instead I started the day out with homework (and Monsters, Inc.) and swiftly lost motivation to work out.  So, I decided I’d take the dogs for a walk.  It’s a beautiful day, mid-70’s, and we haven’t been on a walk in a while.

Admittedly, we have not been all that great about teaching our 7 month old Stella how to go on walks.  I’ve tried, and failed many times.  So, we just don’t do it.  I usually resort to taking them to the dog park to run around… completely opposite of what I want her to do on the leash, but still so good for the both of them.

So today, I started with taking Stella (the aussie) out for a few laps around the block to get her a little tired before I brought out Tinsley (the chug).  We got some water, harnessed up Tins and off we went! I tried to keep it pretty close to our house as I know Stella’s inability to walk on a leash.  We live pretty close to a city building and voila! I found a set of stairs that would be great for a workout!

The pups and I did 10 runs up and down the stairs, stopping for water halfway (for them, not me). I definitely worked up a sweat!

Then we moved over to the park right by our house… there’s an awesome bridge that goes over a pretty wide river that I frequently use to end my workouts as an added challenge.  Well, I decided that we rocked the stairs so well, we might as well do 10 runs up the bridge!

Lesson of the day: It’s always important to wear a really good sports bra when you’re taking your dogs for a walk – you never know what kind of workout can be inspired. 🙂 

2013-06-16 11.50.01Me and my running buddies… best picture I could get of us post-run…all they wanted was water.

Wine Wednesday Celebration!

Happy Wine Wednesday!!

We celebrated the end of Mike’s internship with burgers, veggies, and mashed potatoes!

And of course it is Wine Wednesday so we guzzled it all down with a phenomenal bottle of Blenheim Wines 2010 Syrah. Just magnificent. Blenheim is a delicious winery in Charlottesville, VA and we typically break out their wine for special occasions!

It has been a long year of Mike working many many long hours and so we celebrated the night with good food, good wine, and movie night with the pups! (They were enthralled with the lion in Life of Pi)

Hopefully you got to enjoy a little vino tonight and spent time with the ones you love! (And yes, Pat Zajak, Alex Trebeck, Usher, and Sam Waterson all can count as loves) 😉




Your funny for the day….

Took Stella to the vet then headed to the Post Office to drop off a few packages.

I was inside for no more than 10 minutes and this is what I came outside to….

2013-02-05 09.40.31The best part is that I wasn’t the only one out there laughing at her and taking pictures….

Poor thing just wanted to turn on the lights and clear off the window with the wipers.

Oh Stella … how many more times can I say that life truly is sweet????


Trying to make this puppy SMART

So for Christmas, Mike surprised me with this little nugget, Stella.

2013-01-15 17.53.11She is an Australian Shepherd and supposed to be very smart and energetic.  These dogs needs a lot of physical and mental exercise and when it’s 4 degrees out, I am selfish and don’t want to take her out for walks for the physical exercise.

I have resorted to throwing the ball up and down the stairs. Yes, I’ve hit that point.

So I’ve been racking my brain about how to fulfill mental exercise. Well, I was at Walgreen’s yesterday and found this little gem in the clearance bin…

2013-01-25 10.10.02

Has anyone ever used these for their pups? You hide the treats in little holes and they have to move the blocks around to get the treats.  I’ve seen them advertised before but have never considered one since Tinsley gets her mental exercise by guarding the house, licking her paws, and doing everything to be on my lap. Yup, two totally different dogs.

What to do when the dogs wake you up at 5am….

Blog of course!

It’s been a rough few days here with the integration of the new puppy! Well, it hasn’t been that bad, but the fact that I am writing this at 5:48am doesn’t make me all that happy!

We originally put Stella’s cage upstairs in the spare bedroom (where all my lovely crafts are) and the poor pup just hated it. Whined and howled and barely slept a wink (meaning she slept most of the day). Well, I put up with it for a few days and just couldn’t handle it anymore….

Just a few nights in, Stella figured out how to get outta her cage. Guess Australian Shepherds are smart.... my new sewing machine is being put to good use!
Just a few nights in, Stella figured out how to get outta her cage. Guess Australian Shepherds are smart…. my new sewing machine is being put to good use!

The clincher was when I let our other dog, Tinsley, out of her cage in the kitchen one morning and she BOLTED straight up the stairs to get her sister. Something had to be done.

2013-01-02 10.04.29
Waiting to get her sister from upstairs… and yes, the plant is horrid, I just keep forgetting to throw it out on trash day! 🙂

So I brought the ginormous cage downstairs so it practically fills our entire dining room.

And just like that, silence from Stella.

Who would have known that all she wanted was to be around her sister. Awwwwwww

However, this little puppy, at 9 weeks old, still has a bladder the size of a dried pea. Which, lucky for me, means 4:30am wake-ups to let her outside! Yippy!

These usually go pretty smoothly and they go right back in the cage to bed. However, we have found out that our neighbors get their grandkids dropped off at about 5:20am every single morning.  And when those car doors slam, you better bet Tinsley is on high alert and barking like a fool.

So yes, here I am …. wide awake and with two pups snoozing at my side.

Stella, fast asleep.
Stella, fast asleep.

2013-01-06 10.10.12

Guess I’ll get some homework done now… Have a great day everyone! Remember to smile! 🙂