Hello DOMS.

DOMS = delayed onset muscle soreness = excruciating pain = walking like a duck = not being able to sit in chairs in under 6 seconds = not wanting to laugh because of abdomen pain = unable to walk up/down stairs….

shall I go on?


I have a major case of the 48 hour DOMS setting in right about now. If you have worked out before, and have been sore the next day, that is DOMS: delayed onset muscle soreness.

Yesterday (the day after the race) was bad, but today is worse.

DOMS is caused from microtears in the muscle fibers that occur because of prolonged exercise.  Most of the time, DOMS is caused from eccentric activities.  Eccentric means that the muscle is going to be lengthening…. think: when you squat, your quadriceps muscle group is lengthening and when you run, well, it’s all lengthening at certain points.

As I stated in my earlier post, I did not train very well for my half marathon… which is a huge reason why I am suffering the way that I am! You can also prevent (or decrease) DOMS from stretching prior to exercising, hydration, and proper nutrition.

My plan for now….ride out the storm.  Stretch when possible (not to the point of pain!), drink lots of water, avoid eating the brownies, and stare at my finishing medal.

***If you have had symptoms of DOMS (pain, swelling, stiffness, etc.) for more than 3-5 days, you should probably seek medical attention as there may be an underlying injury.  The line between soreness and injury can often be a fine one – which is why there are people out there to help!


Alright – I’m about to go sit in a car for an hour and drive to class. Then attempt to waddle up 3 flights of stairs.  Hopefully your day is less painful than mine! 🙂 

((This information came from my own athletic training educated mind and I also found this handy resource from the American College of Sports Medicine))


5 thoughts on “Hello DOMS.

    1. oh, it’s impossible to explain to those who just don’t know!!!! Since the race, my husband has asked if I needed to see a doctor and then insisted on going grocery shopping! I could barely push the cart!!!

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