I’m BACK on my Blogiversary!!!

WOW! I’ve been gone for quite a while… I know I’ve been missed, right? 🙂

I had a pleasant surprise last night while I was checking on my favorite blogs that yesterday is my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! 🙂 How exciting!!! I have incredibly enjoyed writing on my little space of the internet. My posts might be super random, get a lot (or very little) hits, and/or just be my way to talk about my life – I appreciate this little slice of heaven.  It has been a great escape for me, a great way to boast or to talk about hard times, and to track the healthy life I am seeking.  Thank you to anyone who has read this blog over the last year – I love sharing my thoughts with you all and can’t wait to continue to do so!!! Maybe one day I’ll become popular enough to have give-a-ways on my future blogiversaries…. Instead, you get a story. 

I didn’t post too much about my absence, but my husband and I were finally able to take our honeymoon!! We were traveling for 2.5 weeks – insane right? But, we figured that before (God-willing) we have kids and life gets in the way, this would be our one chance to take a long trip for just the two of us!

I am not going to go into full detail of the honeymoon, yet.  I haven’t adjusted to the time change, haven’t uploaded all of the pictures, and started 2 more jobs this week (plus school full time, but who’s counting that?)

We flew from South Bend, Indiana to San Francisco.  We only spent one night in San Francisco but managed to get in a great few hours of sight-seeing and experiences! After San Francisco came Sonoma Valley…yum, wine! We spent 2 nights in Sonoma before heading to Napa Valley…yum, more wine!!! We left Wine Country and headed to Northern California, driving straight up 101 North, along the coast, AMAZING views.  First stop was Eureka, California.   After a night stay in Eureka, we went a little further north to Crescent City, CA… hellllloooo Redwood Forest!!!!! After Crescent City came our uneventful transition into Oregon where we stayed in Coos Bay, OR.  Next stop (after the unbelievable Oregon coast) was Lincoln City, OR. We took the next day to make a little bit of a longer trip and went to Elma, WA. Let me tell you, Elma was the cat’s meow. ;-)…. Elma was our transition to our 3 day trip to Seattle, WA where we spent some quality time with one of M’s friends and groomsmen, Ryan – and where I got to spend my birthday! 🙂 After our stay in Seattle, we headed to George, Washington (yes, that’s a real place) for a 3 night camping stay at The Gorge Amphitheater to see our beloved Dave Matthews Band.  

We had an UNBELIEVABLE time.  This post is meant to just give you a little bit of an update on the trip – my plan is to be able to go through the places we stopped and ate and really give some good reviews! Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it this weekend – my Higher Education Law book is calling my name!

Enjoy the pictures, more to come! 

Thank you for all you do to support my little sweet slice of heaven!


6 thoughts on “I’m BACK on my Blogiversary!!!

    1. LOVE this – and wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog too. What cool pictures! I can’t wait to hear more about the trip.

      1. Thanks! 🙂 It was awesome, can’t wait to share the details! I definitely need to organize the pictures better, they are in about 6 different places!

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