Today’s running lesson…

I’m 3 weeks into half marathon training…I’m not very good about actually sticking to the plan, and I have a great tendency to adjust as the week moves forward. But, the good thing (possibly) is that I created the program, so I should be able to adjust it as needed, right?

Well this weekend we headed to my mom’s house for family weekend so instead of following the plan and running my 5 miles on Saturday and cross training on Sunday, I slept, drank coffee while holding my niece, and enjoyed delicious un-healthy food with my family. And I’m totally okay with that decision.

This is what it’s all about:


BUT….I went to run my 5 today and learned a little bit.  Because I am out of school right now, I really get my runs in whenever I can, they usually happen during the afternoon.  Well, after not working out all weekend, drinking less water than I should have, and not eating well…I felt it.

About 2 miles into my run, I got a wicked bad calf cramp that stopped me in my tracks and then affected me the rest of the way.  If When I run in the afternoons, I need to be better about eating breakfast, a light lunch, and water. Today was definitely not one of those days. 

But, I got the run in and that’s what matters. 

Questions of the day:

 – Any advice for mid-day running?

 – Do you have a routine for getting your workout in? 


One thought on “Today’s running lesson…

  1. Hey Jenny,

    I think you nailed it with the water and lighter lunch combo. I try to change into running clothes the minute I start thinking about going for a run. Even if I don’t leave right away, putting them on usually seals the deal.

    When/What’s the next half?

    Happy Training!


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