Lots o’ Blueberries

We went on a shopping trip this weekend…and I just COULD NOT pass this up….

2013-07-27 20.41.06That’s right, 5 pounds of delicious, plump, healthy blueberries. 

Now, let’s be serious. There’s no way I could eat 5 pounds of blueberries before they went bad.  Well, I guess I could, but it just wouldn’t be a good situation.  Soooo I froze the majority of them and kept some fresh.

My goal for this week (and probably next) is to try out some new recipes with all my blueberries! 

I started by making a lovely dessert.

My friend Kim is a dessert expert.  She has her PhD, and it might as well be in baking.

So, of course I asked her for a quick and easy dessert recipe and she sends this one my way.  Because I trust her oh so much, I literately just started reading the recipe and not even looking ahead.  Well, to my surprise (not), we have different definitions of quick and easy.  This recipe had a lot of steps to it, took more ingredients than I had, but ended up being delicious.  So, in the end, Kim really didn’t fail me.  However, I am sure she will be happy to know that I think I measured about 2 things and eyeballed the rest…. Perhaps this is why I am not a really good baker?

Blueberry/Peach/Strawberry Cobbler

2013-07-28 20.00.49

2013-07-28 20.06.59Would have been much better if I had some vanilla bean ice cream to serve with it, but the dessert wine will do 🙂 I’m definitely going to post about this wine on Wednesday, so be on the lookout for it!

This recipe was majorly adapted from Clean Eating Mag as I didn’t have almost any of the ingredients.  Additionally, I halved just about everything since it was just the two of use eating….but here’s what I used:


  • Olive oil
  • frozen fruit – peaches, blueberries, strawberries
  • 1 tbsp flour
  • 2 tbsp honey (okay, I think I used 4 because I ended up putting in at the wrong time, and then the right time)
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup of skim milk
  • 1/2 tbsp ground flaxseeds
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup flour (use it at a different time from above)
  • 1/2 tbsp baking powder (I did measure this one)
  • 1/4 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp of salt

Steps to make this delicious dish:

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and mist the dish you’re gonna cook it in – I used a 6 in round casserole dish
  • Combine fruit, the little bit of flour and honey in the baking dish together
  • Whisk together the rest of the flour and oats in a food processor (like my amazing, orange Kitchenaid mixer!).  Mix in the baking powder, cinnamon, salt, and milk.
  • Add scoops of the batter on top of the fruit (doesn’t have to cover the whole thing)
  • Pop that baby in the oven! I cooked for about 45 minutes and then let it cool for a little.

YUM YUM YUM! ((And relatively healthy too!))



3 thoughts on “Lots o’ Blueberries

  1. I love everything about this and laughed the entire time reading it. Especially the “wrong time, right time” honey incident. I’m glad you trusted me and dessert ended up tasting okay! 🙂 Next time, maybe ask in all caps for something QUICK AND EASY haha… Pretty sure all I noticed in your text was ‘dessert’… 😉

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