Wedding Recap: Mr. and Mrs.

On June 29, we became Mr. and Mrs.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day, more love, and better family and friends.  I’ve really tried to do my best to capture our wedding day over the last few days – I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking through it all as much as I’ve enjoyed remembering it.

Here’s a little gallery of us – now married and ready to grow together, love together, share together and just be together. Every day.

Thank you for letting me share our wedding with you. So much love. xoxo

This is THE BEST YouTube video ever created.  Our friend Jackie recorded much of the wedding on her iPad and created a video with it.  She was able to capture our vows, our amazing preacher as he sang his sermon, and some of the rest of the night. Thank you Jax 🙂

**All photos were taken by our amazing photographers – Adrian Hotshots Photography and from our family and friends.  Please do not use without my permission. 


3 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: Mr. and Mrs.

  1. Congratulations to Jackie, a wonderfully well done addition to what was a wonderful and love filled event! Jen & Mike, it will just get better and better!

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