Wedding Recap: The Little Things

I like the little details…the DIY projects that made me stressed, cry, and drink wine.  And then made me drink more wine.

Throughout this entire process, I wish I could count the number of times I heard from people that it’s not about the little things.  That the day will still go on, even if all the little things don’t fall into place.

Well, I am enough of a perfectionist (and a full-time student with lots of time on my hands) that I made sure that all the little details worked out.  I am so glad that I worked so hard to make that happen.  On the day of the wedding, I realized that the little things really didn’t matter to me…they made a difference for our guests.

Here’s a look into all the little things – the things we could have done without, but that made the day that.much.better.

Stay tuned for the next Wedding Recap: The Wedding Party

**All photos were taken by our amazing photographers – Adrian Hotshots Photography and from our family and friends.  Please do not use without my permission.

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