Royal Baby Boy!

I didn’t think I would be so excited about seeing the new royal baby but I LOVED being able to watch it today on MSNBC! 

Kate and William were the most adorable new parents – I mean, I don’t have any kids, but I just don’t think I can imagine having to look and feel up to being in front of that many reporters one day after giving birth. 

I thought it was incredibly interesting to hear that when Prince Charles and Princess Diana had William 31 years ago, there were two reporters sitting outside with cameras! That’s it! I think sometimes we forget about the development of technology…especially as I sit here on my laptop with my music streaming…

I know that my mom has always been very big into the Royal Family – especially Princess Di. I remember how big of a deal it was to her when she got into the car accident and died.  I also remember how much my dad had to search (and pay for) the Princess Diana purple Beanie Baby for her.  I believe it still sits in the china cabinet.  I didn’t quite think that at the age of 26, I would have much interest in learning about the Royal Family, which is why my interest surprises me so much! The traditions, the modern twists, the beauty of Kate and William…it’s awesome. 

Here is a pretty cool link from BuzzFeed with pictures from the Royal Family – it shows the baby waving!!! 

I think his name is going to be Theodore. Why? I have no clue, just sounds good. 



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