Wedding Recap: Our Vendors

It’s amazing how many people it takes to throw together a wedding. Seriously. 

I was incredibly fortunate to find some amazing vendors to help make our day the best possible.

 Here’s a little sneak peak into all of the amazing work by our vendors

Cake: Amy’s Cakes and More

Amy was incredibly easy to work with.  We did individual table cakes with 3 different flavors.  Each flavor was on a different colored charger.  We had confetti cake with bavarian filling, lemon cake with strawberry filling, and chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  We received nothing but great reviews about the cakes.

Cupcakes: We had gluten free cupcakes for our glutarded folks 🙂 Provided by Gluten Free Bakery.


Flowers: Schafer’s Flowers

Exactly what I wanted at a cost-friendly price.  Amazing.  It was such an amazing experience.


Photography: Adrian Hotshots Photography

I don’t know if I have much more to say about our photography.  Our photographers were absolutely amazing.  They were friendly, generous, worked their butts off, had a great time, and produced amazing pictures.  I would recommend them again without any hesitation.

Music: We did our own iPod music – so we didn’t have a DJ or a band or anything like that! Mike worked his butt off on making the playlist as amazing as it was.  The music was pumping, people were dancing, and drinks were flowing 🙂

Lauren, our future sister in law, was in control of the music and she did an amazing job :) And looked beautiful to boot!
Lauren, our future sister in law, was in control of the music and she did an amazing job 🙂 And looked beautiful to boot!

Venue: Our ceremony was held at the SkyDeck and our reception was held at Loft310.  This blog has been filled with boasts about these locations already! 🙂 The venue was responsible for all of the food and drinks.  For cocktail hour we had fruit, cheese and some other snacky foods.  For the main meal we had tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad and bread to start.  From there we had two options 1) prime rib, white cheddar mashed potatoes, and asparagus 2) chicken franchise, fufu mac n cheese, and carrots.  IT WAS DELICIOUS. 

1296_546830518686213_1084165211_n  1044078_10200131787038262_1883738240_n

Stay tuned for the next Wedding Recap: The Little Things

**All photos were taken by our amazing photographers – Adrian Hotshots Photography and from our family and friends.  Please do not use without my permission.


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