Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

When selecting a venue, way back when, I knew I wanted to find something quirky, unique, fun, and driving distance for both sides of the family. Like most modern-day brides, I did a ton of internet searching and limited magazine searching.  However, I did find this little picture in a lower left corner of a page and it intrigued me for some reason.

After internet stalking searching, we made our appointment and looked at one venue, that’s it. One.

We decided on the SkyDeck for the ceremony and the Loft310 for the reception.

The great thing about these venues is that they were in the same building – so the guests showed up to the ceremony and walked a few flights down to the reception! We made it pretty easy for all 175 people at the event.

First, let’s show off the SkyDeck. The SkyDeck is open for private events and turns into a public bar at night – awesome. We really didn’t do a whole lot of decorating for this space.  It had it’s own beauty and we were totally cool with that.

Following the ceremony, we held a cocktail hour on the rooftop for all of our guests while we continued to get our pictures taken.

The venues were amazing.  I’ll say it over and over again – we couldn’t have asked for better weather ((76 degrees on June 29?! whattttttt????)), a better view, better love, and better guests.

Stay tuned for the next Wedding Recap: The Reception 

**All photos were taken by our amazing photographers – Adrian Hotshots Photography and from our family and friends.  Please do not use without my permission. 


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