Mike & Jenny in review

Today is the day that I get to marry my best friend. 

lake pic

Our relationship in numbers:

8/6/11: Our first date

6/9/12: The day we got engaged

6/29/13: The day we become man and wife

1: The number of times I’ve met Dave Matthews and he has not.

4: On our 4th date, we drove to Virginia to see a concert. We were so crazy 🙂

21: The number of steps I had to climb for him to propose to me on the roof! 

6: The number of states we’ve traveled to for DMB concerts 🙂

14: The number of concerts we have been to together

2: The number of crazy dogs in our lives.

101.3: The number of miles we traveled between Indiana and Michigan before we took the step to move in together

693: The number of days we have been dating before TODAY!

I wish I could fully express my love for this man.  He has taught me so many things about life and continues to be my solid ground, my sounding board, my biggest fan, my best friend, my partner in crime, and today he becomes my husband.  Mike is incredibly hard working, honest, genuine, loving, caring, supportive, funny, and continues to do God’s work daily.

I am so lucky, blessed, fortunate…happy. 

Here’s to a beautiful day, good times with family and friends, and our declaration of commitment and love.


2013-04-08 10.01.52 IMG_0147 IMG_0589 IMG_0628 IMG_1048 IMG_1147 IMG_1188



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