This is what 18 centerpieces looks like…

Because I have the ability to do so with my time, I have been able to put together all the centerpieces myself for the wedding. It has been a stressful process but I am sure it will pay off in the end! 

So, here they are!!! Just in boxes….No spoilers for the guests 🙂

2013-06-23 22.20.37

2013-06-23 22.20.46


Here is what I have learned from trying to DIY this:

1. Many days I thought I should have just spent the money to hire someone to do this.  But then I realized how GREAT it felt to close up a box and know I put my thoughts and creativity into it. 

2013-06-18 23.36.03
2. Each table is unique.  I love that…. just like our guests. 

2013-06-16 17.05.49

3. There will be no flowers at the reception.  Why? Because they die. Oh yes, and are incredibly expensive. No flowers means I have had to be insanely creative with my decorations…. and that I should have a frequent shopper card at the Goodwill and the Dollar Store. 

2013-01-21 17.47.58

4. When putting this all together (for 18 tables) expect that it’s going to take up at least two rooms of your house.

2013-06-06 17.46.51-1

5. It’s best to leave the dogs in their cages…too much gets chewed up. 

2013-03-04 15.02.02

6. Organization, organization, organization, organization, organization, organization….need I go on????

Well, my own form of organization... very embarrassed by this picture as well. haha
Well, my own form of organization… very embarrassed by this picture as well. haha

7. It’s okay to have fun with it.  

2013-04-04 13.02.11

8. Alcohol is essential.

2013-06-19 19.03.47


Despite what people may tell me, I’m sticking to the plan that the little details do matter.  All about time and love. 


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