Celebrating my dad

On Wednesday I posted a little tribute about my dad…I was a little busy yesterday to post this, but on Wednesday I was able to take a little lunch break and headed over to target for lunch.

I capped off my lunch with a bag of popcorn – and thought of my dad with every bite.

Dad would always, and I mean always, get popcorn whenever we went to a store that sold it. Mostly just Target, but sometimes Lowes and Home Depot.  He loved getting popcorn and would eat it by giant handfuls.  Get at me some time, I’ll demonstrate 🙂

The craziest thing was that I wanted to get the popcorn as my meal but knew it wouldn’t fill me up for my 9 hour day… so it ended up being a complete afterthought of: “I never carry cash, if I have enough change, I’ll buy it…”

Boom. Exact change of $1.38. It was meant to be.

2013-06-12 16.47.49

Here’s to you daddy 🙂

((And yes, I also had a Bud Light in his honor on Wednesday))


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