Book review: If I Stay

well, it seems as though it’s been a little while since I’ve done my last book review…. however – I promise that I have been reading  (in fact, I think I’ve gotten 4 books in since the last I wrote). I completed last month’s book club with Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. I even wrote this awesome review, hit publish and it DELETED. I was so incredibly frustrated and knew I wouldn’t be able to put it into the same words, so I didn’t write anything…. But here’s a link to my friend Danielle’s review of The Fault in our Stars by John Green. The book was amazing. 

This month’s book was If I Stay  by Gayle Forman.

if i stay

As always, I head into these book clubs without having a clue of what the book is actually about. Yes, I do judge books by their covers, and this book was no different.  My local library had 2 copies of the book and I picked the one with the cover I liked the most, yet I still had no clue what it was about. The cover and title led me to believe it was about suicide, yet it was different fromThirteen Reasons Why

Warning… there are spoilers. Just can’t review this book without them! 

Plot: Mia is a young girl. Very bright, musically talented, and heading in the right direction in life.  She lives with her (former) rock band parents and little brother.  Mia seems to be a pretty reserved individual, she has not always meshed in with the flow of her parents rocker ways.  Mia is dating Adam, a young guy from her school who is also really musically talented and plays in a up-and-coming band.

Mia’s life is changed dramatically when she and her parents are in a tragic car accident while heading out for a family day.  Her parents and younger brother were all killed in this car accident and she survived.  The book follows Mia’s thoughts and feelings and she recovers in the hospital.  She is at an in between stage in life… her body rests in the bed, but she is able to move between her physical self and her spiritual self. She is able to see and hear the thoughts and actions of her boyfriend, Adam and all of her family members.

The book narrates as Mia decides if she should stay on this Earth… or leave and be with her family.



This book was a really easy read for me, but it didn’t really do a whole lot for me.  I found there were times that were low and a little hard to keep my attention. I don’t quite know what it was about the book that makes me feel this way.  Sometimes I feel as though if a book is such a quick and easy read for me that I don’t have the ability to really connect with the plot or the characters.

There really wasn’t a great deal of character development, but I do think that the dad was the best addition.  I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times at him and could really picture him as a father.   Mia’s character was very sweet and innocent, but I found her hard to relate to (not because I’m not sweet and innocent), but because it just seemed like we got the surface view of her, even on her death bed.

I hear there is a sequel to the book, Where She Went, I am definitely going to have to check this out! Apparently there is also a film coming out, I would for sure get it on RedBox or Netflix!

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