Yarn crafts….fail.


Aren’t these the most adorable things?!

Such an easy way to bring in a pop of color, a unique texture, and bring in the yarn that I love so much!!!

If only it was an easy DIY project….

I saw these yarn balls very early on in my wedding planning escapades and fell.in.love. The only problem has been that I cannot make them. At all. I have tried 5 times, each time being unsuccessful.

Here’s a little montage of all of my yarn ball epic fails….

Please laugh out loud. This totally deserves it. 

2012-09-09 20.36.00

Typical starting picture… what I used, looks easy, right?

I first did them following this tutorial and only used glue.  Then I added in corn starch my second round to hopefully get some improvements, as recommended from this site.

2012-09-09 21.35.45

Don’t look too bad, right? This was round 1. 

2012-09-12 08.26.43

I mean, everyone loves lopsided balls, right?

2012-09-12 08.28.19

Yes, I did try to pick away the extra glue. It was unsuccessful.

2012-09-09 21.35.55

End of Round 1. I was a hot mess, minus the hot.

2012-09-12 08.34.56

Round 3 – best looking ones yet, but somehow my black yarn turned white. And since this time, (3 months ago) they have totally unraveled.


Round 5 – more cornstarch, less glue to decrease the whiteness.

I wish I could express what these looked like. I was too angry to even take a picture. Deflated, sad, and frumpy. Yes, I’m talking about the balls, not my feelings about this craft.

I really, really, really, really wish I could have gotten this craft to work out.  I absolutely love the look of them.  However, I’ve just decided to use all the yarn I bought in a different way. At least it still looks good. 

:::::sigh….maybe I’ll try again another time:::::


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