The Bachelorette Party from a Distance!

My best friend Kim got married on May 11! Woohoo! I don’t want to post too much about her wedding, because I am sure that she will blog all about it (eventually, when she recuperates from the madness). BUT as her maid-of-honor I had been trying SO HARD to organize some sort of bachelorette party for her. However, with Kim living in Virginia, me in Indiana, and all the other fantastic women all over the rest of the US…. things became a little difficult. ((Did I also mention that she was writing and defending her dissertation, landing a new job, looking for a new house, moving in with her in-laws and planning a wedding all at the same time???)) So instead, I reached out to the women in her life and was able to put together an amazing “bachelorette party from a distance”.

One day (and I didn’t tell her), Kim received 9 boxes on her doorstep.  Each one had a different day that it needed to be opened. The boxes contained all of the goodies I was able to put together from everyone’s contributions! I wanted her to feel special, know she is loved, and that there are many people out there that know she is sweet, kind, funny and good-hearted.

2013-05-20 13.46.19

Well – here is a little gallery of all the goodies that were in her packages and the notes associated!

The best part of doing this for her was that I organized for people to create a scrapbook page for her – which could say ANYTHING! Marriage advice, old stories, pictures, etc…. I left it TOTALLY up to them! A bunch of people sent me scrapbook pages and it was such an awesome treat! I loved being able to see what stories and ideas people had in order to honor Kim – and loved seeing the old embarrassing pictures of her too! The best treat of it was that I got her (now husband) to write a note for her and I made it the last page of the book.

We got together on the Friday before the wedding and got our nails done and I gave her the scrapbooks then. She cried like a little baby and it was just plain adorable.

2013-05-10 13.23.45 2013-05-10 13.39.57

It was a ton of work, but I would do it all over again for her in a heart beat.


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