Help! I’m a SoleMate! ;)

Ahhhh…. feels so good to even have a hot second to be able to blog again! I have missed this! 🙂 🙂 

After this week, I will seriously have time to dive into everything I have been wanting to share with you all of you, but until then, you get another quick blurb from me! 

In 13 days I am going to be running my first half marathon (insert feelings of nervousness, nausea, and panic). I have decided to sign up to be a SoleMate for Girls on the Run.  As a SoleMate, I am “sponsoring” Girls on the Run and my participation in my race will allow me the opportunity to raise money just by running a race! 

As a Girls on the Run coach, I am paired up with two other coaches and we meet with a group of 15 girls twice a week.  During our 90 minutes together, we talk about everything from peer pressure, bullying, self confidence, body image, etc.  We are inspiring these girls to love themselves for who they are! 

As the name implies, we also run! We follow activities for the girls that allow them to practice their running (or walking for some of them) and encourage them to accomplish their goal: a 5k which will take place on May 18. I CANNOT WAIT. 

With being a SoleMate, I have pledged to raise $250 in the next 2 weeks before my race.  If you have even $1 to spare, I would love it if you would help me meet my goal and allow the opportunity for other girls be able to participate in this fantastic program. 

Here is a link to my fundraising page:

If you’d like to help with Girls on the Run – or run in a Girls on the Run 5k, check out this website to find your local chapter..

Thank you in advance – these girls are truly inspirational 🙂 



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