Easter Weekend Recap

Friday I soaked up the sunshine on the softball field at Albion while my pups got royal treatment from two of my former students and former athlete.  I originally thought they were just going to let them out every now and then but they kept them roaming around the fields, soaking in the sun, chewing up sticks, meeting new people and dogs, and being spectators at the baseball and softball games.

2013-03-29 18.49.25

2013-03-29 18.59.29

My friend Stange and I loaded up the car with the two mutts and headed to the east side of Michigan to be with our families for the weekend….. but first we had a quick surprise stop off at my brother and sister in laws, so see my cute little niece.

We were at a stop light, I promise!
We were at a stop light, I promise!
Missed this adorable little face.
Missed this adorable little face.

Saturday morning I had my first dress fitting for my wedding dress….eeekkkk!!! So crazy! It went great! There is a great deal of work that needs to be done to it, but I know I am going to look marvelous no matter what! My friend, and bridesmaid, Colby joined along with my mom and I and we enjoyed a yummy brunch after.

Saturday was my sister-in-law’s birthday and we had a late night pizza dinner and sat around the kitchen table and opened presents with her while family and friends came over to see Ms. Mackenzie Elizabeth. She definitely stole the show all weekend!

2013-03-31 11.31.50


2013-03-30 22.03.37

2013-03-30 23.13.37

2013-03-31 10.37.32


Mackenzie and I watched some basketball together… I decided it’s never to early for her to learn the rules of basketball, understand the teams, and know the difference between a foul on the floor and a shooting foul.  She kept interest for quite a while and then got bored so I had to teach Tinsley.

2013-03-31 14.35.42

2013-03-31 14.37.03

2013-03-31 15.14.01

Easter was amazing.  We have never necessarily been a church-going family, so I internally celebrated the rise of Jesus and realized how blessed I truly am to have everything I do in my life.

We celebrated with brunch with our dear family friends. There was wayyyyyyyy too much food and I may or may not have put myself into a giant food coma…. We finished up the brunch with our annual easter egg hunt. Usually, I wear my soccer cleats, put on eye black, and stretch really well before this competitive event. Howeverrrr, this year, we had some toddlers in the mix so I had to “play fair”.

little Dave finding eggs!
little Dave finding eggs!
The whole group (mom was taking the picture)
The whole group (mom was taking the picture)

One of the best parts about the weekend was being able to get together a bunch of little minions and assemble our WEDDING INVITATIONS!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH 🙂 SOooooooooOooOOOooooOOOOOOoooo exciting!!!! ((plus, we got our first RSVPs!))

2013-03-31 16.40.20



I missed Mike all weekend as he had to work… but all in all it was a great time with family and friends. I truly am blessed. 

((besides for being sick all weekend – will post more about this later!!))

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