Weekend 5k

Happy Monday!

Here we are into another cold, snowy week….yuck! At least we are stepping closer to spring!

As I have talked about many times, I am training to run a half marathon on May 5, 2013.  This is the first ‘big’ running event that I have ever decided to do (check out my race page to see the other races I’ve completed) and I do have to admit that my training is going really well. It’s a great feeling to know that I have been working so hard for something and have really been dedicated!

I am following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Training plan – with this plan, Saturdays are my long run days…. so far, I am up to 8 miles! But, the plan this Saturday was to run in a 5k.  I was just going to do it myself around town, but I figured I would get a better gauge if actually went out and did a race.  So, I found a local one for the World Compassion Network (luckily, it’s for an awesome cause) and ventured out early Saturday morning!

I am new to Indiana, I have no idea where anything is really.  So, I was a little nervous when driving to Lake Winona and this is the first thing I see…


Luckily, I had to drive a little further than the factories and I ended up running by the beautiful Lake Winona and through some hilly trails and a neighborhood, it was a really pretty run! There was over 600 people on a super chilly Saturday morning – nothing a little warm up can’t help!

I started the race off doing really well…. I tried really hard to keep my pace and not be influenced by those around me.  I did not stop! I didn’t even have the feeling of stopping, a TREMENDOUS improvement since my last 5k in September.  I felt like I crushed it – the best part about this race is that I had been giving myself little goals of people to pass, people to beat and I did it! When I knew I was coming up to the end of the race, I pushed it pretty hard.  At first I was struggling physically to push more but then I saw the shoot and just picked up my pace!!

I finished……

Race Results18th in my age group

171 overall




Reflecting back, here are my thoughts:

  • I need to get my Nike+ updated – had me deceived with my distance, time, pace…. haha
  • 18th in my group? That’s AWESOME
  • 171/600+ that’s AWESOME
  • 30:02 – most disappointing thing. I could have pushed it for 2 more seconds. 😦
  • 9:41/mile – I’ll take it! I knew I’ve been running at above a 10min/mile pace, so this is awesome! If only I could make this last for 13.1 miles…..

All in all, it was a great race and I’m really glad I did it – donated a little bit of money to support a good cause, learned where I’m at with my pace, and got to run outside!!!

I know, sexy pants, you're jealous :)
I know, sexy pants, you’re jealous 🙂
  • Did you run any races this weekend?
  • Have you been super close to making a certain time? (like 2 seconds off!!!!)
  • Any advice for pushing forward??


5 thoughts on “Weekend 5k

    1. haha…thanks! It felt great! I know I’ve been running a bit, and that I actually don’t feel like collapsing after a half a mile anymore… but it was great to actually get the feedback! 🙂

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