Wedding update….

Here’s a little insight into my thoughts right now…..

99 days.

99 days??

99 days…

99 days!!

Holy Sh*t…99 days?!


Yes, that’s right, 99 days til the wedding. Holy crap do I have a million and 7,000 things to do before the big day. However, according to Mike, we are 98% done. Yes, this is what he tells people and I really wish I had a blood pressure monitor on every time he does.

The cool thing is that we’re getting to the fun part of the wedding planning…. dress fitting, picking out jewelry, seating charts, getting the invites going, etc. These are the FUN things!

For all of you newly engaged people out therehere’s my wedding advice: sweat the little stuff, work together, it’s okay to ask people for help (although I’m not very good at this), understand that this should not break the bank, stick with what YOU want – it is a day about you both. Most importantly – this is a stress you (most likely) have not felt before, and that’s really important to remember. 


2013-02-09 08.54.23


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