Don’t you sometimes wonder how you will make it through?

Well, I’m at that point.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s crunch time. 

Today on March 18, 2013 I reached the point that I thought I would have hit a long time ago. It’s my fault, I made the to-do list.

((Insert awe, shock, increased heart rate, stress, tears sobs…..))

Academically, I finishing up my first full year in my PhD program.  Ahhh, end of the semester blues – too many papers and projects, not enough time.  Also trying to decide on my summer classes (do I want to push it and take a crap ton???) and most importantly, how I will pay for said summer classes! money sucks. 

Personally, wedding, wedding and more wedding.  That to-do list is way too long, too extensive, and too overwhelming. We officially have 102 days until the wedding. Holy crap.

Fitness(ly), I have 47 days until my half marathon. Woof, I need to get this butt running.

Time to get my booty in gear!!!





Do you have any quotes that get you through stressful times?

Have any advice to help me keep my head screwed on?!


2 thoughts on “Don’t you sometimes wonder how you will make it through?

  1. I get in bed and cry until Adam so very sweetly tells me that’s not going to help anything and I would really feel better if I did some of the things on my to-do list instead of laying in bed and crying that I have so much to do… I guess he’s right…

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