My first GOTR experience

I have volunteered to be a coach for the Girls on the Run Organization!


Today was our first practice and I was introduced to 15 lovely young girls who are all ready for a 10 week ride to exploring what it means to learn. dream. live. run.

If you’re not familiar with the Girls on the Run Organization, it is a youth development program that works with girls (3rd-8th grade) to teach them to stay true to themselves and live free from stereotypes.  Obviously, we mix all of the “life lessons” with running! And fun activities to get all the girls moving and accomplishing a goal: a 5k!

I have never participated in anything like this before but I have heard about the 5k races (that are open to the public! Check out this link to find a race near you!)

images (1)

I really, really wish there was something like this when I was a kid. I struggled immensely with trying to fit in, not being flexible, being the “bigger girl”… and this program targets all types of young girls and helps teach them how to be confident, healthy, motivated, etc….. My own past and current struggles with my confidence, health, motivation is what led me to volunteer for this amazing organization.

How can you help this organization?

  • Find a 5k near you!
  • Reach out to be a coach or an assistant coach
  • Refer young girls that you know to the program
  • Running a race this year? Be a SoleMate and help young girls afford the program

I cannot wait for the journey ahead. I plan on these girls motivating and inspiring me and much as I do them. I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you….we all need a little inspiration sometimes to remember that life truly is sweet. 



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