Yummy QUICK breakfast!

I am a HUGE breakfast person.  I love breakfast foods and I think it’s incredibly important to jump start your day with some calories.  I’ve been working out an awful lot lately and know the importance of adding protein to my diet, so I have been LOVING this breakfast.

2013-02-15 09.32.22Included:

3 egg whites, chopped tomatoes, chopped green onion, chopped asparagus, sprinkle of shredded cheese, sprinkle of bacon bits (super healthy, right? but soooo delicious)

Super complicated directions:

Throw the eggs in a microwavable bowl and scramble. Add the ingredients and microwave! With all the veggies I put in it, it took 2.5 minutes to cook to how I like it!

I make microwaved scrambled eggs quite a bit because it’s fast and easy and delicious! I love being able to add in all kinds of veggies!

I also wanted to brag about the mug I use for my eggs… these things have been the best purchase I think I’ve made in my kitchen.  From Pier 1 Imports, I have the mugs in two sizes and a ton of colors that match the ecclecticness of the kitchen.  You should check them out or at least just go get lost in Pier 1 for a few hours a little bit.

2013-02-15 09.33.17

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