Boasting: Gateway Cellar Winery

I want to spend a little time to boast about one of my favorite places here in Goshen – Gateway Cellar Winery.

Gateway is located on Main Street in Downtown Goshen, Indiana.  It’s this adorable little place that has been open for a few years, has a comfortable and relaxing environment, delicious wine, and most importantly, is walking distance from our house!

2013-02-12 20.53.15

We have been going Friday evenings for a glass of wine to celebrate the end of the week, reflect on what all happened and start off our weekend! This past Friday we sat together and had a delicious bottle of South African Pinotage Cabernet, cheese and crackers, and played dominoes! So much fun! 

2013-02-12 20.55.42

The picture below is of the wine we had this last trip – we have been leaning more towards the reds these last few trips, but it’s probably because of the cold, snowy environment outside! A great deal of their wine is light, fruity and incredibly easy to drink.  They encourage you to try out the samples to see what fits you best and we take advantage of it every time because we never know what will strike us! This South African Pinotage Cabernet is full, bold, and rich in taste – so yummy!!!!

2013-02-12 20.54.51

If you’re ever in the area or would like to know more information, please let me know! I’ll always try out a winery and I am so happy that we found this one!

Do you have any wineries around you that you love to go to? 

Do you have any traditions to kick start your weekend?!


4 thoughts on “Boasting: Gateway Cellar Winery

  1. I love thr idea of a Friday night tradition. To have something to look forward to and unwind from a crazy week. We might have to find something like this to do… In the summers, James River Winery has Fridays on the Patio where you pack a picnic, buy some wine, and listen to live music. It’s awesome!

    1. Yeah, it’s an awesome tradition we’ve got going on – just makes us relax a bit and talk about the week! Plus we get to enjoy wine and a healthy(?) competition of dominoes! Can’t beat it!

  2. The fact that they encourage sampling is awesome! I hate picking blindly from a list I’m not familiar with. South African wines always have such an interesting taste and body!

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