the top 10 rules of (gym) life.

I have been exercising at group fitness center for many years…. mostly it has been at colleges but a few general public group centers too.

I’d like to just have some word vomit throw out some of my biggest pet peeves about being in these types of environments.  With that being said, I am trying really hard to focus on not judging, but come on, sometimes, you just have to.

  1. I have no problem with yoga pants or thongs.  However, if you are on the machine in front of me, I really don’t want to see your thong at the top of your pants or the color of it through the sheerness of your pants. It’s not a beauty competition, it’s a workout. 
  2. Men, I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to make a sound when lifting a heavy weight or doing a hard exercise. But every time? Really?
  3. I personally believe that all gyms should have someone on staff who’s job it is to walk around and help people with their lifts.  While I know that personal training seems costly to most, I think a trained professional should be onsite to help individuals who have no idea how to properly exercise.  This could be a really good referral for personal training sessions…but it PAINS me to watch people lift/exercise improperly. I think that fitness clubs do their members a disservice by this not being offered…
  4. Please don’t talk on your cell phone while on a machine.  I am an eavesdropper and I really don’t want to hear your conversation. I don’t need to know your dinner plans, what you’re drinking later that night or how your husband didn’t help put the kids to bed last night because the football game was on.
  5. Please clean your equipment after you use it. I do enough cleaning at home and don’t want to clean up after you before I get my sweat on.
  6. I understand the concept of resting in between reps, I truly do. However, please don’t stand in front of all the weights and gab with your friends, take up a bench when others need it, and flex your muscles in the mirror.
  7. Please don’t drop your gum on the gym floor and pick it up and eat it. Yes, I have seen this more than once.
  8. I appreciate that there are informed people who work out.  That being said, I am one of those informed people.  So, please (unless I am about to pass out) please, don’t tell me how to lift.
  9. I understand that there is a lobby. However, at my gym, I view the lobby as a place for being to switch into their workout gear and get their jams ready. Please don’t sit and read your book on one of the chairs. If you’d like to sit and read a book while at thy gym, please do so while sitting on a bike and being, even a little, productive. It pains my soul when you just sit there.
  10. I am a woman and I work out.  I try to run hard, sweat a lot and I lift weights.  With that being said, please, please, don’t feel like you can use offensive/degrading/ ((I’m pretty sure you know which words I’m talking about)). I pay as much as you do and I don’t pay to hear swearing and sexist words. I do enough of that while I’m at home.


I would like to take a little bit to discuss the things that I do at the gym that probably drive others nuts. (Yes, I am admitting that I am not perfect).

  1. I try to run wayyyyyyyy faster on the treadmill than I actually can or should be.  This results in obnoxiously loud breathing, a body keeled over after I hit my target time/distance, and drinking water and sloshing it all over my clothes.
  2. I love the music I play when I on machines and lifting weights. This love causes me to dance, point my fingers like a gun, and bang my head back and forth.  I am sure this looks incredibly ridiculous – yet, you should know that I love to dance, and I am awful at it. 
  3. I bring way too much stuff into the gym and shove it all into one little cubby – includes winter boots, winter jacket, at least 3 magazines, 2 pairs of running shoes, a water bottle, 3 things of chapstick, and a Cliff bar.
  4. I’m kind of a creep. Anddddd I may be super competitive which makes me want to look at everyone’s treadmill/elliptical/bike and know exactly what speed they are going, what distance they have gone, and how many calories they are burning. People probably think I’m crazy.
  5. As an athletic trainer, I love to look at people’s gaits. Examining peoples walks and runs excites me, and yes, I know, that makes me crazy.  But there is very little that excites me more than someone who overpronates, has valgus knees, and poor fitting shoes .GaitCycle

please, please, please don’t think that I am some crazy judgmental person. Or do, that’s okay too. 

Do you have any pet peeves at the gym?

Do you do anything at the gym that you think annoys other people??


Also – I’d just like to point out that while I am a bit of a judgmental, nerdy, creep at the gym, I still make sure I get my sweat on. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “the top 10 rules of (gym) life.

  1. This post was awesome. There was a guy on the treadmill a few months ago having a 30 minute conversation on his blue tooth headset while walking… it was SO distracting… and really weird. I gagged at the gum comment. WTF?! Also – I never knew you were the creep who stares at other peoples’ treadmills… I hate that more than anything else at the gym. Get outta my space and let me run in peace!

    I know that I annoy people when I wear my heart rate monitor and it pops up my HR on their screen. And when I play Nicki Minaj wayyyy too loud on my headphones so everyone can hear it. To each their own… 🙂

    1. Does it really surprise you that I’m that person that looks at other people’s screens??? 😉 You shouldn’t be paying any attention to me anyways!!! haha

      The bluetooth thing is totally annoying. If this is how you’d like to exercise, please save your money from a year at the gym and buy a treadmill for your home.

      glad you enjoyed, been working on this post for a while! 🙂

    1. haha i love it. mostly because I think ‘wow, I’m running as fast as them’ then I look at their screen and they are going 8.0 and I’m at 5.7 haha motivation I guess?

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