Okay, let me clarify…. I am giving up the SCALE!

Maybe I should do this to my scale!

When I was in graduate school, I read an article in SHAPE magazine about how women who weigh themselves tend to lose more weight. So of course, that weekend, I went out that weekend and bought a scale. It was the best decision, right?

Well, since then I have proceeded to weigh myself on every scale – mine, my mom’s, my friends, the one at the gym… It never fails. If I see a scale, I need to weigh myself.  And what I end up with is sadness, disappointment, and confusion.

It seems like every scale is different (yes, I know it can be the clothes I’m wearing, the time of day, hormones, the food I ate, and my hydration status) I notice that every time I weigh myself it’s off from what I think it should be I get depressed, lose motivation, and get really down on myself.

I have tried really hard to put it down to once a week, weighing only on Sundays. But I don’t really know if that’s what I need. For the next few months I am going to be training for my half marathon, completing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit lifting program, and doing everything I can to look the best in my dress. OPERATION SWEATIN’ FOR THE DRESS!! So, I think maybe I will cut down to at the end of every month, just so I can help my obsession quirkiness.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Any advice on giving up the scale?

9 thoughts on “I AM GIVING UP.

  1. When I started running and weight training last summer, I weighed myself EVERY DAY. The numbers were going up instead of down and I got really upset. BUT my clothes were fitting better, I had more energy, and I felt awesome. I had to remind myself that as I was losing fat and gaining muscle, the scale would naturally fluctuate, but that a higher number didn’t mean I was doing anything wrong.

    My biggest lesson was when I stopped weighing myself. I knew that I felt good, so I felt that I looked good. You are doing a FANTASTIC job with your fitness, and the number on the scale doesn’t mean ANYTHING!

  2. Oh the scale and I are not friends! Right now I only weigh myself about once a month? Any more and it just puts me in a bad mood which is soooo not worth it!

    How’s your half marathon training? 😀

    1. It’s just such a mental game that I’m trying to give up! I feel better and that’s what matters the most… I know physiologically that I am burning a boat ton of calories and watching what I am eating, so why should a scale get me down?!

      HM training is going well, I’m only into the first week of it here but so far so good. I need to work on my mental (st)ability of being on the treadmill, CAN’T WAIT for the weather to be nicer!!!

  3. You are doing an AMAZING job with your health and fitness!!! Right now I’m struggling with the scale also! I know that in the past I’ve always lost more weight when I weigh myself everyday, but I’m definitely flirting with not doing it. I think I will stick with it another 2 weeks and see how I do before I decide whether to weigh myself less often, but I am proud of you for making the decision and knowing that the number on the scale doesn’t mean anything!!

    1. Yeah, I get that immediate feedback is a good thing, I just can’t over the fluctuation!
      I’ll tell ya what though… it’s super hard! I was at the gym yesterday and all I wanted to do was jump onto the scale, but I held back!!
      How are you doing with your shakes?

  4. I used to obsess over the scale, but lately I’ve become a little… wiser. I found the obsession meant I was likely to be putting weight ON because my priorities were wrong, being all about weight rather than overall body composition.

    Now I use the scale for only two things. The first is to give me a value once a month to feed into a few rough calculations to work out muscle and water mass and body fat percentage – yeah, I’m a numbers geek who likes to see where the effort is going, and how the diet and exercise are working.

    The second is to hide an ugly scratch on the floor. 😛

    1. Haha – glad your scale is covering the scratch in the floor! I mean, what else is it good for?! Glad you are on my level about weighing in, it’s just such a mental game!

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