half marathon training starts TODAY

Back in December, I signed up for my first half marathon…on May 5, 2013 I will be running the Borgess Run for the Health of It in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

As I sit here and read this, I just can’t believe it.

Since December I have been running off and on, lifting a bit, and trying my best to drink 96oz of water and eat well. I mean, that’s pretty much all I have to do, right????

Okay, okay… I guess I have to train.

My friend Lindsey and I are doing this together – training in separate locations, but at least we are in it together! So important! We decided to follow the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plan, I am familiar with it because I used it to train for my 10k and I like that there is a mix of running, cross training, and lifting.  It seems as though a lot of training plans don’t get people to run a full 13.1, or even close! I really wanted to make sure whatever plan we picked got me to that point as I know that training for 9 miles will not get me to 13!

I can’t even tell you how many days I have had where I have questioned my decision.  A few months ago, I could barely run a mile so I am seriously doubting my ability to run 13.1.  Yet, I never really thought I would run a whole mile, or want to run a mile.  That’s the thing, I want to do this, badly.  I want to prove to myself that I can do this – I can beat that little voice in my head that’s laughing at me.

I would love your words of encouragement over the next 12 weeks. I will NEED your words of encouragement. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to do it because I have two working legs, a heart that pumps, and lungs that fill me up with oxygen.  I can do this because so many others can’t. 

2013-02-05 08.31.19


12 thoughts on “half marathon training starts TODAY

  1. I am so happy and excited for you!! I can’t wait until I start training for one in the future. I am training for Warrior Dash right now and that’s a 5k so we will see how I do. I remember when I couldn’t run a mile without dying and now…ahhhh 🙂 Good luck with the training!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Casie! When running today, I was thinking about how I used to run for a song then walk for a song and repeat! And now I can kinda crush through it – obviously some days are better than others, but it’s awesome to think how far I’ve come!

      You will LOVE the Warrior Dash! It is SO challenging, but an incredible workout and SO MUCH FUN! I didn’t really train for it AT ALL and while I wasn’t so satisfied with my time, I still completed it with a smile on my mud-covered face!

  2. You can do this Jenny!! You have more strength in you than you know, don’t ever doubt yourself! Trust in your training and know it will prepare you, and don’t sweat it if you don’t follow the plan perfectly 🙂 I’m so excited for you! You go girl!

    1. Thanks, Kayla! I appreciate it! Any advice you have would be awesome! 🙂 I liked following along with your Marathon training – so proud of you for doing it!!!

    1. what a great idea! I am obsessed with quotes and am always trying to find a better way to bring them into my day! Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it!!

  3. as a new runner i am super psyched for ya and more than willing to cheer you on (and maybe live vicariously through your half mary) !!!
    you got this!

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