Wine Wednesday


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone! 

I hope you get the time to sit back, take a sip, relax, and celebrate your life. 

2013-02-05 21.06.16

I decided to open up a bottle of Chateau Grand Traverse Riesling. I am a sucker for sweet wines but I have been enjoying the reds lately – mostly because Mike likes them, but I have truly been enjoying them!

This wine is from my lovely home state of Michigan – I have really enjoyed every wine I have tried of theirs and the Riesling is no different.  It is sweet, but not overbearingly so.  Hit the front of my tongue and palate and was delicious when paired with my baked tilapia and veggie dinner.

If you like sweeter wines, you should grab this one! I hope you won’t be disappointed!


2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday

  1. Yummmyyyy!! You know I LOVE sweet white wines and Rieslings! I have a couple bottles on my wine rack and maybe I’ll open one tonight! I’m curious about the timing of this post… did you drink your Wine Wednesday on Tuesday or at 8AM this morning when you posted this..? Lol I’m not judging, just wondering haha!

    1. Hahahaha…. I did it last night because I’m not planning on drinking tonight! So as I was enjoying it last night, I wrote the post and accidentally scheduled it for 7:30am and not 7:30pm… I also fell asleep on the couch, maybe it was a little too much Riesling 😉

      I’m sure you would love this! I have some moscato in my cooler too, always think of you when I buy it! I think we kept Barefoot in business during grad school….

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