Crockpot Challenge FAIL



Nachos…looks kinda delicious, huh?2013-01-29 17.46.47Well, it was delicious…. after I had to make it on the stove.


At approximately 12pm, I pulled out some hamburger meat, threw in some corn, a chopped green pepper, black beans, Rotel tomatoes (my favorite), a diced onion, half a jar of salsa, a little bit of cumin, red pepper, and chili powder (didn’t measure, just poiured). Put the crockpot on HIGH and ran out to do a few errands.

I returned to the house at 3:45pm (needed to have dinner ready at 4:30 before we had class) and realized the house didn’t smell like the deliciousness I was anticipated.

Forgot to plug in the crockpot. Stupid Jenny. 

So, I frantically threw it onto the stove top and got cooking! Luckily, it was finished in time, but ugh! What a frustrating thing! I was so excited to try it out!! I added some greek yogurt, chopped green onion, and That Green Sauce that I got from a foodie pen pal!

But, it did turn out delicious and I recommend it to anyone who can remember to plug their crockpot in…..

have you ever had anything like this happen? 

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