Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Week of: 1/28 – 2/3

Monday 1/28: At school all day today! No workouts! Boo!

Tuesday 1/29: Felt like crapola – sat on my couch most of the day. yup.


Wednesday 1/30: Ran 2 miles then completed day 1 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit workout: wide pushups, dumbbell bench press, flat bench dumbbell flys, narrow pushups (these kill me), standing dumbbell tricep extension, tricep pushdown

The workout calls for 3×12 of each exercise with a 1 min rest break between. However, I like circuits so I did one set of each then rested a minute…. not exactly what it calls for, but I am a circuit junkie. Also (as noted above) I probably have the weakest triceps known to man kind (or angel wings as my mom calls them…..) and narrow pushups just DO ME IN.

Thursday 1/31: Ran 2 miles then did day 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit workout: wide grip lat pulldown, one arm dumbbell row, seated cable rows, underhand cable pulldowns, dumbbell alternate bicep curl, one armed dumbbell preacher curl, standing bicep curl

Again, I did 3×12 but as a circuit! Preacher curls were incredibly hard…

ATHLETIC TRAINING FUN FACT: When doing the one arm dumbbell row, I added in an additional exercise where I completed the same exercise but focused on small movement of my shoulder blade (scapula). This way, I got a good workout of my rhomboid muscles … I can REALLY feel this exercise!


Friday 2/1: BUSTED THROUGH 2 MILES! EACH IN UNDER 9 MINUTES!!!!! I AM SO DANG PROUD OF MYSELF!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I needed to bust through the workout because I was short on time.


After crushing my run, I completed day 3 of my lifting workout which included a circuit of the following: leg press, leg extensions, wide stance barbell squat (working on that booty!!)), seated leg curl, standing calf raises, seated calf raises (I did these on the incline leg press machine)

Typically (from my athletic training experience) I am not a fan of leg machines.  They do nothing for your mechanics. Functionally, when are you ever in a seated position pushing your legs out and using your quads? Besides for sitting in an office chair and rolling across the room, when are you ever seated and using your hamstrings?? But, I did it anyways because that’s what the workout called for!


Saturday 2/2: Ran 1 mile – needed to flush out the legs a little bit. Have been pretty sore from the lifts but got bored from the elliptical. Then did day 4 of the workout, again a circuit (SHOCKER!): seated dumbbell press, standing dumbbell straight arm delt raise to a ‘T’ (I was REALLY impressed with this exercise since YTWLs are some of my favorite shoulder exercises!), side lateral raise, seated bent over rear delt raise, exercise ball crunch, and air bike

Sunday 2/3: Planned to run for 60 minutes, and I did it. Don’t know how but I did it. I used my one word mantra… 🙂 Not gonna share it until closer to the race because I don’t wanna ruin it for me!

Rocked it....until I realized the half marathon is 7 more miles.....  haha
Rocked it….until I realized the half marathon is 7 more miles….. haha
Wouldn't be a good wrap-up if I didn't include a red face picture!
Wouldn’t be a good wrap-up if I didn’t include a red face picture!


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