Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Week of: 1/21 – 1/27

Monday: Took the day off, haven’t been feeling great!

Tuesday: 30 minutes on the bike and ran 1 mile at 5.7 – needed to get my legs moving and my HR up. Felt pretty good, but it’s always hard to get even a small workout in when not feeling 100%.

Wednesday: Set out to run 2 miles at the gym.  I HATE running on the treadmill and I get really bored, so I’ve been bringing magazines to look at. Next thing I knew, I was at 3 miles! Woohoo! Then I lifted arms and back:

  • Bicep Curls- 2×8 – #30
  • Skull Crushers- 2×8 – #30
  • Bench Press- 2×8 – #30
  • Dumbbell shoulder press- 2×8 – #15
  • Kettle bell rows- 2×8 – 12#
  • Dumbbell rear flys- 2×8 – 10#
  • Push ups- 2×8
  • Abs on Bosu Ball for 3min
My face is ALWAYS so red!
My face is ALWAYS so red!

Thursday: Day off: spent the day at school! yuck! 🙂

Friday: Ran 2 miles on the treadmill then lifted legs.

  • Leg press – 3×8 at 115 pounds
  • Calf raises – 3×16 at 115 pounds – both straight leg and bent knee
  • Single Leg RDL with kettle bell in opposite hand – 3×8 at 15 pounds, really made me work on my balance!
  • Kettle bell swings, 3×8, 15 pounds
  • Cross over step ups, no weights
  • Balance on flat surface of BOSU ball – 3x3o seconds
  • Planks on BOSU ball – 3×30 seconds
ATHLETIC TRAINER FUN FACT: For those of you that don’t know, it is important to complete calf raises with straight legs and bent legs in order to work both muscles in that group.  By completing straight leg calf raises, you are working the gastrocnemius muscle as it is a 2 jointed muscle that attaches across the knee joint onto the thigh.  By completing bent knee calf raises, you are working the soleus muscle – it is a 1 jointed muscle that does not cross over the knee joint.  The other muscle included is the plantaris muscle, but it is a relatively small and insignificant muscle.
I am a warrior! :)
I am a warrior! 🙂

Saturday: This was the best day. Planned to run for an hour, thought there is no way I could do it. Yup, I ran for 1 hour! I used my Nike SportBand for the first time, so I need to work on adjusting the settings and learning how to use it, but it was great! I felt such an amazing sense of accomplishment!

Felt awesome!
Felt awesome!


My red face after the hour run and stretching....awesome. Don't worry, my heart rate was great!
My red face after the hour run and stretching….awesome. Don’t worry, my heart rate was great!

Sunday: Day off! I was sore from yesterday and worked all day anyways!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

  1. I love your AT Fun Fact. I think you should include those regularly! Next time, can you highlight goniometry for pronation/supination?

    Also, loving that red face. So much blood flow going on.

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