Registering and Hockey!

Most people are incredibly excited about the bridal registry process. We were very hesitant.

I know that the point of a registry is to give guests an idea of things that you need and that it’s not asking for them to buy you things. However, we have both been living on our own for about 4 years – which means we have just about everything we need.  Yes, many of our things are college gems, but they still function fine and allow for us to have an overwhelmingly packed cute and cozy house.

So, how do you just randomly walk around a store and pick things that might be nice to have?

Well, we did it. With smiles and a lot of laughter…which made the process that much better. Anytime we got a little testy, we moved forward and revisited. It worked swimmingly.

We had some serious business to take care of!!
We had some serious business to take care of!!

We registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Sears. BB&B totally overwhelms me, but I hear they have a phenomenal return policy and great perks for the bride and groom and most importantly, for the purchasers.  Sears was a ton of fun – we would like some upgrades to our appliances, so while we don’t think anyone will buy a washer or a dryer, it would be nice to obtain some gift cards that we could put towards it.  Also, M got to hold the “gun” and pick out tools that he has always wanted. 🙂 It was adorable.

One of the things I am most excited about registering for was a complete impulse. Kate Spade His and Hers glasses. Totally expensive and M rolled his eyes when I clicked it, but they were just too adorable!

Overall, it was a really fun experience. I still have a lot to do with looking at reviews of things and editing items online, but I am so happy that we got it done and we can continue to move forward!

We ended the evening with an adult beverage and went to the Notre Dame hockey game. They lost, but it was still a fun experience! And I love hockey!

2013-01-19 18.52.08
Pregame – awesome venue!
2013-01-19 19.48.03
Little kids game after 1st period – these little ones were HILARIOUS. Tiny goals and the leprechaun was the ref!



Have you completed a wedding/baby registry? Have the same feelings we do?

What was your favorite thing to receive for your bridal shower/wedding?

Share your thoughts!

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