Weekend Update :)

I have taken a few days away from the blog, mostly because I have been back at my mom’s house celebrating the exciting things that are coming for our family in 2013.

This weekend I:

  • Was up til midnight on Friday certifying my brother and sister-in-law in infant/child CPR 
  • Was up wayyyyyy too late chatting with my BFF Colby about life and all that is included
  • Saw many wonderful ladies at the celebration of life that’s supposed to join our family March 3rd
  • Was a number in a herd of cattle, also known as a Bridal Show, at the Palace of Auburn Hills
  • Relaxed (and probably enjoyed the time away from the crazy puppy and school work a little toooooo much)


March 3rd, my little niece is due…..and I CANNOT WAIT (of course I want her to be full grown and come out healthy – so I can wait, silly). This is the first time I am going to be an aunt – I have a nephew on Mike’s side, but he won’t officially be my nephew until June! So, needless to say, I am incredibly excited and have been spoiling the heck outta that little unborn nugget.

My brother is going to be an amazing dad.  I just am so excited to see him in that role as I am sure it’s going to challenge the heck out of him but yet he is going to be loving, funny, and stern that his heart is going to melt every time he sees his little girl.  My sister in law is going to be an awesome mom. She is hilarious, adorable, smart, and driven…and I know she is going to instill those same qualities in her little girl (whom I have named Jenny, Jr).  I am so happy for them both. And for me too, I’m going to be the best aunt. 🙂

Here are some pictures from their baby shower this weekend that my mom threw.  Enjoy 🙂

875_477411108961488_93375127_n 72834_10152435001790193_1893345585_n 230748_10152435001825193_845964023_n 248731_10152435001900193_1726218143_n 385289_10152435002450193_893952388_n 422264_10152435002245193_974998802_n 431367_477410805628185_634868865_n 537263_477411025628163_1388816968_n 555270_477410758961523_785832826_n 580683_10152435002140193_628875884_n 580717_477410942294838_249725528_n 603191_10152435001960193_605602547_n



2 thoughts on “Weekend Update :)

  1. I can’t wait for Jenny Jr. either! Mostly because I want to know what they really choose to name her. And because I want to hear all about your aunting adventures. I’m glad you had some time to relax this weekend! Love the new blog design, too! 🙂

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