My Christmas Surprise!


Of the canine breed….not a human.  🙂

World, meet Stella. 

This little sneaky girl!

Stella is a 7 week old Australian Shepherd.  She has a merle coat and mixed eyes (one blue, one hazel-ish). She is absolutely beautiful. Aussies (if raised properly) are supposed to be phenomenal, loyal, obedient, intelligent dogs.

Playing in the snow!

Mike surprised me with Stella on Christmas day. We had talked on Thanksgiving about getting one (his uncles breed Aussies), but he had convinced me (and I had totally accepted) the idea that we are much to busy to be taking on a puppy right now.  Little did I know, he had already talked with his uncles about getting one from them. That little sneak! 

Our beautiful little girl, Stella

Older sister Tinsley isn’t 100% sure about her new little sister, but she is getting there. We are working on taming down the prima donna in her and teaching her how to share and look after her sister.

So peaceful. Doesn't last long!

So now, we have been working to puppy proof the house, spent too much money at Petco, have had sleepless nights filled with lots of crate-trained whining, have toys spread throughout the house, and especially have learned how to say the word NO!!! BRING ON THE FUN!!!!

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