Well, the world is supposed to end today, right?

If you’re reading this… CONGRATULATIONS! You survived!!!

According to the Mayans, our world was supposed to end (or transform) today.  Scientifically, it has been proven incorrect. However, wouldn’t it suck if that’s the case?  I still have so much to do in my lifetime!!!

In honor of us surviving the end of the world, I thought I would take the time to give some recognition for the things in my life that I believe I would truly miss if the world ended.

Of course, I’ll begin with my loving fiance.  We have grown from friends to best friends. He has been my rock, my sounding board, my paper editor (ha), and always continues to have my back and my best interest in mind.

My mom – who is the strongest person I knows, always continues to amaze me every day. My brother and his beautiful preggo wife…. can’t wait for that little nugget to be done cooking!!! To my brother Brian and his girlfriend Lauren – they both teach me about perseverance and strength! To my soon-to-be family~ I can’t wait to officially be a part of the clan!!

Since moving to Indiana, I have struggled with not being able to “find” friends.  Since graduating from high school, I’ve always been in situations where I’ve been “forced” to have friends. College, grad school, the jobs I’ve held… I’ve always found myself surrounded by great people who have developed into my friends.  So while I struggle with not having close friends around me here, I am so incredibly blessed to have close friends, best friends.  My friends are all over the country, heck, the world (thank you Erica in Italy haha) and I know that I could turn to every one of them at any given time and they would be there for me.  I would truly miss them if the world ended – but heck, we’d be in heaven (or hell) together… so I guess the party would keep rolling!!!

Additionally, if the world were to truly end, here’s a list of all the things I am fortunate to have now but I would miss in the next life:

Looking up at the stars, Pumpkin spice anything, peppermint mocha coffee creamer, gummy bears, my iPhone, summer nights on beaches, sweatpants, enjoying the view on a mountain hike, burning candles, shopping, road trips to anywhere, music (the Dave Matthews Band), listening to the ocean, hydrangeas, Nicholas Sparks books, academia, the color orange, Nerds Ropes, big ugly sunglasses that don’t fit my face, Euchre, Facebook, the feeling after applying lip balm, the glow of a Christmas tree, Swedish Fish, the feeling of a good sweat, a delicious glass of red/white/pink wine, Real Housewives of anywhere, Parenthood, nailpolish, and of course cheese and crackers.  

Now, of course,  I don’t know if the world beyond this one has any of the aforementioned, but I sure would be sad if it didn’t!!

However, if the world did end, I hope I’d be able to be able to catch up with my dad, my grandparents, and all the others that have gone before.  I guess that would be worth it! xoxo

Again, glad we survived the end of the world.

Take time to love those around you. Appreciate the little things. 



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