I failed!

3 weeks now, I started my 15k training.

I got one week in and that’s all I could do.

I just came off of my training for my 10k, started Holiday Rush at a local fitness center (which allowed me to not be able to move the day after a work out), got sick, and went to Virginia to see my best friend Kim, her awesome fiance, their crazy pups, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Next thing I knew, I was incredibly behind on my workouts …. and pretty okay with it, because life happens sometimes and ya gotta roll with it.

So, I started my 15k training plan over again. Most of which is due to the fact that I joined Anytime Fitness and they just opened! Woohoo! No more freezing cold runs!!! …Tinsley is really mad about that…

The main point of this post is to tell you that I failed, but I recognize it and I accept it.  I’ve let myself fall too far off the wagon and I need to get back with it.  It will happen, it needs to happen.  I know I won’t make my goals this month, but that’s okay too. 🙂



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