We gotta do much more than believe if we wanna see the world change…

This morning my ears are filled with the new Dave Matthews Band Album, a sound that is so sweet and so familiar.  I have been listening to DMB since 1998/1999 when my brothers started listening to them (what didn’t I do that my brothers started first??) My casual listening turned into my first concert in 2001 and soon I will be heading to my 21st.  In my opinion, their music can help me escape, draw out emotion, cry and reflect, laugh and smile…. Their music has brought together Mike and I and remains an important part in our relationship (sounds weird, I know!)


I think it’s funny sometimes to tell people that I love Dave Matthews Band and have been to 19 shows (2 more soon!)… the responses I get is SHOCK.  People just don’t understand. If that makes me a groupie, I’m pretty sure I’m okay with it. Mike and I have traveled to some cool places to see some great shows and share unforgettable times with great friends – what a great way to bring people together.

We met Dave at Blenheim Vineyards in 2010!!

I know it seems like a crazy thing to have a post dedicated simply to this band, but I wish I could express the gratitude I have for all of them. They have put so much time, energy, and love into their music.  Their following is incredible.  They live simply, they appreciate our planet, they make a difference.  I only hope that each of you can find a passion for something/someone that represents the idea that Life is Good – and we should appreciate what we have.


Celebrate we will. Life is SHORT but SWEET for certain. – DMB, Two Step

May we celebrate what we have because all too quickly our sweet lives can be changed. 


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