Well, I didn’t feel like puking.

I know, very graphic description, you’re welcome.

Usually I am very against morning exercise classes. I just don’t like getting up that early, I take night classes, and I again just don’t like getting up that early.

I didn’t have much of a choice today in that I have class tonight during the evening Holiday Rush class, so I dragged my butt down there for a 6am class.  I think I did pretty well for getting up early (despite being at school wayyyyyy too late last night!).  But ya know how it is when you have something in the morning that’s atypical and you sleep really lightly because you’re nervous about your alarm going off? That’s the worst and of course happened to me last night.

This morning’s workout was great, despite walking in with a cramp in my right calf and sore bilateral glutei maximuses, mediuses, minimuses (or perhaps maximi, medii, minimi?) .  We paired up with someone in the class for motivation for some high intensity, tabata themed exercises.


The goal of today was to not feel like puking. Mission Accomplished.  I wasn’t so lucky after Monday’s class.

Here’s to a day full of water, paper writing, sore muscles, and a smile.

Have a great day! And get a work out in! 



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