November RECAP

I can’t believe it’s December already – I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here when I say that I can’t believe it’s December.  Before we know it, it’s going to be 2013 and we’ll be married! EEeeeeekkkk!! 

As I reflect on November, I have to admit that I am very happy with the progress I have made with our wedding, my schooling, and my health and fitness.

I set 12 attainable goals for myself last month and accomplished 7 of them:

November Goals

I have made some great strides in November – I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but that’s life.  I was able to see great improvements in my cardio and endurance – I never EVER thought I would run a 10k OR sign up for a half marathon. I can’t even express how proud I am of myself! I’ve lost more than 5 pounds (5 was my goal) and did my measurements this morning and I am most importantly making improvements there as well! Fantastic! I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted to this month (darn cold weather) so it’s good to see that I still am making progress with my exercising and changes in my diet.

Academically, I’ve been making some strides towards what I want to study for the duration of my doctoral program and have been putting more thought into ideas for my dissertation.  The long term picture still isn’t clear yet, but I have faith it will become clear in the future.

I also took the step to get a second job at a local retail store in order to make some extra cash for Christmas presents and meet some people in the area. I’m really enjoying it and it’s giving me a chance to get out a bit and do something mindless for a few hours.

November is a time to be THANKFUL. And that I have been. We have made some big strides in our family with the selling of the cabin that’s been in our family for almost 25 years.  I am still in the process of working on that post, it’s taken some time to get all the thoughts together that I’d like to. I am incredibly BLESSED with all God has given me and all I have worked for.

As we move on to December, I have set more goals for myself – some of them reaching beyond the ‘ME’.

I am looking forward to a HAPPY, HEALTHY, FUN-FILLED December. 

December Goals


2 thoughts on “November RECAP

    1. Thanks Casie! I really appreciate it! As I know you know…it’s great to see and feel results! Wore a shirt yesterday that I haven’t worn in a while cause I didn’t like the way it looked or felt…. was awesome! Have a good Sunday! 🙂

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