Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day!

Note: I have no idea why the text is like this and I can't change it! Sorry! 
This month has been FANTASTIC! 

I got paired up with Miranda and got some amazing goodies! She was so thoughtful in contacting me early to find out if I had any allergies and likes/dislikes.... all of which I don't! She told me she would send me some Texas Goodies, to which I had to tell her that I'm more of a 'mild' gal than a 'hot' gal. AND HER PACKAGE WAS AMAZING! 

First of all... Bear Creek Soup - my absolute favorite! What she didn't know is that I was planning to cook a jazzed up version of this soup Thanksgiving weekend for my in-laws! If you have never tried Bear Creek Soup, I HIGHLY recommend it! 

On the left there is a jar of Silly Cow Farms hot chocolate with some marshmallows.... phenomenal. We made sure to mix up some of that on our Sunday chilly night. Yum! On the right side in the bag is a block of chocolate that can be added to water or milk to make "authentic" hot chocolate. I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE THIS!!!!!!! 

She added in some snacks - Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Toffee, cookies and cream bar, and Mazapan.  All of which are completely gone.  I had no idea what to expect with the Mazapan - holy delicious. It's like a chunky peanut butter chunk. I took it for a snack for a few days at school and got so many comments on it! Yum! Hope I can find it here! 

I left this one for last....That Green Sauce. I. CANNOT. WAIT. TO. TRY. THIS. I make tacos, taco salad, fajitas, etc. all the time and I cannot wait to try this.  Mike has had to stop me from making this food as we have had mounds of leftovers from Thanksgiving and having family here. You better bet it's going to be used this weekend. 

I couldn't have been more happy with this FPP box so THANK YOU MIRANDA! 

If you're interested in joining Foodie PenPal, visit Lindsay's website.  December's FPP is dedicated to helping the victim's of Hurricane Sandy and we'll pick back up with our selfish goodies in January. Until then - help out those in need! 

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