Last week of 10k training

This is it, really?

On October 1, I decided to start the Hal Higdon 10k novice training program — I NEVER thought I would make it to the last week. But here I am. Wow.

I think I did some pretty poor planning with making the last week during Thanksgiving….I bet my legs are going to feel like turkey legs when I go to do the 10k. I’m also not actually running a 10k race, it was more about having a goal and something to run for.

From a non-physical standpoint, I am kind of grateful this last week has fallen the same as Thanksgiving.  This time of year is very reflective for most and I need to be as well.  This summer I reached my highest weight, ever. I’ve never been a small kid, but I have always been athletic.  I had a great friend who decided to make some changes in her life and start exercising more and it really motivated me to do the same (and I have a wedding dress to knock out in 7 months). So I did it, I started running in September, started the training plan in October, signed up for a gym membership, have been going to more fitness classes, will be doing a 4k on thanksgiving, and plan to sign up for a half marathon in May 2013. Never in my life did I ever think I’d even consider a half marathon.

I know I’ve made positive strides.  I like being able to tell myself “I’m only doing 3” or “just a light two”. When before I started running, I could barely run 1/4 of a mile. Insane. I’ve made great strides with my energy level, have lost about 12 pounds (not exactly the 5 per month I want, but I cannot complain at all), and I am becoming a runner. I feel amazing – I want to get my runs in, I enjoy it and I’m dreading the cold weather because I know I won’t wanna be out as much.

Thank you to all of you who have read about this and supported me – I can’t wait to continue my running journey and see what else I can do. I am very blessed.

I’m including my training plan for this week here – but you can follow my plan on my 10k training page throughout the week.

Monday Plan: Stretch and strength

Tuesday Plan: 3 mile run

Wednesday Plan: 30 min cross

Thursday Plan: 2 mile run + strength (but this is the day I’ll be running the 4 miler)

Friday Plan: Rest (black Friday and I picked up a second job in retail! eeek!)

Saturday Plan: Rest

Sunday Plan: 10k race (will be on my own!)


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