Training plan for 2 weeks and beyond!

Starting October 1, I decided to follow the Hal Higdon 10k novice training plan.  It’s an eight week training plan – and I only have 2 weeks left! I can’t believe it! I haven’t followed it as strictly as I probably should have, but I don’t have the best access to cross training equipment.

Additionally, I’ve been fighting through some shin issues throughout the whole process, but I just need to find a way to manage. I’m going to do another post about this, so I won’t go into too many details now! But it’s been tough!

This weekend I need to get in a 5.5 mile run then next weekend should be my 10k race! I’m not actually running a race, but it’s the principle of getting there and getting it done.

Once this is over with – more training begins! I’m going to participate in a 2 week boot camp at a local fitness center. Additionally, I’m going to start the Hal Higdon 10 mile training program in preparation for next year’s HALF MARATHON!!!!! I’m insane, but I can’t wait – I need it! 

It’s great to have a plan in place and do my best to follow it. I know that life happens and that means change will occur. BUT, if I am making an effort, that’s what matters.

Just how I feel sometimes…..but I CAN DO IT!

Share your thoughts!

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