Election Night Yums

We are big political junkies – well, I’m not so much as my better half – but last night was a big deal for our country. We talked about making a really nice meal and relaxing in for the night and watching the results come in.

Then, M got sick and I’m well on my way.

Who wants a big juicy steak when they are sick? Not us. So, I went the most American route I could think of.


*Warning* Not a healthy recipe! 😉

I made 2 boxes of regular ol’ Kraft Mac n Cheese then added in:

1 package of turkey sausage

1/2 sweet onion

1/2 green pepper

1 whole tomato

shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Then baked in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes to let everything bake and get MORE cheesy!

Absolutely hit the stop. Comfort food at it’s finest. 

Also, in an effort to have some sort of “election themed meal” like I originally wanted, I bought these….

Chicken wings…. get it? Left wing/right wing??? We ate one side of it (maybe I turned the plate so you don’t know which side!) but not the other…hmmm…. 🙂

Congratulations to Barack Obama as he begins his second stay at the White House. Here’s to 4 more years. 

Great run for Mitt Romney – wish him the best of luck as he continues on in politics. 


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