Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul :)

Unfortunately, our household is starting to come down with the cold weather crud. Which mean….. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!!!

Usually, I just use a  Bear Creek soup package and jazz it up a little bit, but I wanted to do things a little more from scratch.

So, I called up the two ladies in my life that I usually get cooking advice from…my mom and my Kim.

Kim told me to head out to her website and check out the recipe she had blogged about.  DELICIOUS! I took this recipe and a few tips from my mom and BOOM! Amazing chicken noodle soup and dumplings! 

I followed the recipe almost exactly (except that I don’t measure everything as much as Kim does haha)

But, I added in carrots, egg noodles, pepper corns, and not a whole lot of salt.

Combine this meal with green tea (with or without the whiskey), get in some comfy clothes, and curl up on the couch. 


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