It’s November already?

I honestly can’t believe that it’s November already – October flew by and I’m sure it’s going to keep going quickly as school progresses and as the wedding date gets closer…eekkk!!! 🙂

I wanted to do a little recap on my exercise routines n such throughout the month, as I did similarly for September. This was a really interesting month for me.  I felt like I was losing my motivation and not able to really push through a lot of things.  The weather switched for warm to cold, quickly which made me really not want to get my run on outside.

I am going to make a new page for my November goals in order to make them more clear and out there. I think I have done pretty well throughout October, but I know I can do better and most importantly, I know I need to do better. But I’m still doing it, I’m still making an effort and making it a constant thought. I need to make myself better.

Here were the goals (and my comments) I set for myself for October….

Goals for October:

  • Attend 1 exercise class per week – Definitely did not do, but did more of and I love them! 
  • Follow a training plan – I have been aimlessly running…. – Yes! Have been rocking Hal Higdon 10k training program
  • Decrease my mileage time to 10 minutes, will take a TON of work – CRUSHED! PR’ed under 10 minutes, not too consistent though
  • Work on my mental strength and endurance. This is by far my biggest weakness.  I don’t know if this is a goal that is obtained easily in a month?
  • Make an executive decision about gym membership (we have 2 opening late October within walking distance) Will be done. For sure. Can’t handle the weather outside – and no, they haven’t opened up yet. 
  • Focus more on decreasing my shin splints Ha, again, this is never ending
  • Lose 5 pounds Lost 4 – and struggled greatly to do so. It’s better than nothing. 
  • No drinking during the week, only weekends. Well, except for Wine Wednesday!!!! Totally forgot I made this pledge – therefore, definitely did not do so!!! haha 

Overall I exercised 21/31 days = 68%

So, seems like I did pretty well, check out my November Goals page to see what I have planned for the month. Thanks for all the thoughts and words of encouragement! xo

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