My FIRST Foodie PenPal month!

I joined in with Lindsay (visit her site here) and MANY others for Foodie PenPals – and today is REVEAL DAY!

I received an awesome box of goodies from Brooke.  She made sure to check in with me once we got paired up to see if I had any food needs, dislikes, etc. I think it would have been easier shopping for her if I had anything I didn’t like or didn’t eat – but instead I pretty much told her that I enjoy everything and I’m working on eating healthier and trying out new things.

She did AWESOME!

Complete with a super cute personalized note – I GOT THE BEST GOODIES!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE (which I kind of covered up in the picture) is the Dark Chocolate Oatmeal. Holy phenomenal. I’ve been having this for breakfast and have mixed with raspberries, bananas, and/or blueberries. It’s a sweet treat to start my day and it’s delicious.

I also, to my surprise, really liked the seaweed snack! The only problem is that I ate it by itself, which made me want sushi. So, I got some and enjoyed a delicious little lunch!

I have recently discovered Lara Bars – and actually sent some to my pen pal – and love them. This was pineapple upside down cake! Awesome! A great treat for the middle of class.

I haven’t yet used the nut spread or quinoa and brown rice….but I will! Brooke did an awesome job sending me a great list of things I haven’t had before and I few things I had! It’s like she knew! 🙂


Can’t wait for next month’s Foodie Pen Pal’s! I’m a broke PhD student but can DEFINITELY find a way to afford $15/month to receive some great food and pass along some of my favorites!

Check out the goodies I sent Kendra and her adorable daughter HERE!


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